Fifa 12 – the story so far

So it’s been over half a year since the release of ea sports game fifa 12 and i want to know your thoughts on the game. I personally have taken to it very well and did as soon as it was released to be honest. It’s by far the best football video game in the world of all time but the new fifa 13 is suppose to be even bigger and better than it’s predecessor.

I like to do a season on the games and preferably manager mode as it’s the most challenging and exciting at the same time. I always do well when i choose this mode and it’s also good to play with your friends online because it gives you an extra bit of pride if you beat your friends at a game of footie. Xbox live is very good but i personally like the football games on the ps3 as it is suppose to have better quality graphics with the footie games.

I want to know the best goals that you have scored on fifa 12 and the best points tally you have got throughout the season etc. Peoples records matter, there is also a bit of pride about being the best so we would love to hear about it from you guys. Let us know what team you were and what division you were in and what cup competition you absolutely rinsed. We are most certainly interested in your story’s as we are all things fifa.

People still continue to play fifa 12 today and will do until the new game is out because that’s the lifespan of these sorts of games. They can goon forever which really means that you more than get your money back for the price you paid. It gives you that bargain feeling with great value in savings compared to the typical game that you would complete in just one day. Them sorts of games are better off rented out instead to save you the money of purchasing it.

So let us know your comments and views on fifa in the comment box that is available below and keep them coming.


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