Fifa 13 coming soon

The much anticipated Fifa 13 which is the sequel to the long running fifa series is now underway. The last game fifa 12 was such a big hit internationally as were all the games before it. The release date for fifa 13 has not yet been submitted by fifa but the general feeling from fifa fans is it will be released close to November or October time.

The last game fifa 12 had some vast improvements from the prequel fifa 11 in which the main change was the player impact engine. With this cool new feature you could get real life tackles and see how the player would actually fall for real. The other main feature that ea games included was the tactical defending which was introduced. Many people did not take to this change well and did not like it at all.

The front cover of fifa 12 had the Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere and the Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney on it in the UK version. In other countries it had a variety of different players from loads of different teams but the main player featured on all of them was Wayne Rooney. He would typically wear the Manchester United shirt instead of him in he’s England shirt.

Most of the media and magazines gave fifa 12 a very respectful rating of 9.5 was the average it got which i think ea games/sports would have been very pleased with. It would have been a rarity to see this game get a poor rating or review.

Many hardcore fifa fans felt the need to speak out about how hard it was to play fifa 12 on world class mode as it was extremely difficult compared to previous years when it was a challenge but not very difficult. I played fifa 12 many times and had to agree with them myself. It does make for a very exciting game though as it is more of a challenge than usual.

Fifa 13 will no doubt bring more features to it and be a better game than it’s predecessor did. Last years game was epic but ea are promising that fifa 13 will be like no other football game you have ever played before and will have more features, better graphics and better game play.

Keep checking back to our blog and we will constantly be posting about the fifa series on our blog with an article every day without fail. As it gets ever closer to the launch of fifa 13 we will be there first hand to let you know all the ins and outs that there is to know.


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