Official Fifa 13 New Features

It has been announced in the last day or two that there will be new improved features for the ea sports game fifa 13. This will not come as a surprise to most hardcore gamers of the football games because ea decide to do this every single year as soon as the last is released they want to make improvements.

The new features will be much needed ones and they will be focusing on pretty much the basics with this new game. Every year people putout their personal wish list of what they want to have installed on the next upcoming game in the fifa series. I think ea games takes a strong look at this and takes what the people say on board.

So you must be wondering what all the new features will be for the new game then huh? Well you can see it here first as we are going to get all the latest news from the new fifa game first before anyone and publicly post it here as an article so you our readers will be able to see it here first hand.

The first thing that fifa said they are concentrating on is the (first touch) control which has been going since fifa 2003 with it having an immediate taking to. Ea want to make this touch even better than before and more realistic so that it would actually look like the player would actually take the specific touch in question. For instance, Messi will have a totally world class touch compared to Michael Dawson. I think it will have a lot to do with what the player in questions technique is and how high it is in statistics.

The second thing that ea are going to improve is the (player impact engine) which actually made it’s debut last year on fifa 2012. They want to work on this and improve it so that it gets maximum realism involved with it. This will be to the delight of fifa fans as a lot of them have criticized the engine saying that ea sports rushed it a bit. Another factor would be that there were a lot of glitches in the game as a result of this, so they will want to rectify this.

The third and most exciting new feature that they are putting in the new version is (enhanced precise dribbling). This was the one that excited us the most personally because we really think that fifa should get it right with the 2012 version. It’s been a longtime coming really and needs to be resolved asap.

The fourth implemented feature is that is to be put into the game is tactical free-kicks. This feature sounds well cool and could be the one to beat pro evolution soccer yet again if they get it spot on. I think everybody will want great free-kicks on fifa 13 because it’s one thing that they haven’t really concentrated on in the past and have sort of left it on auto pilot so to speak.

The final feature is (attacking AI) which we don’t quite no which way round it is to be honest. It could be one of two things, either it’s when your in the possesion of the ball and the AI make the runs forward. Or it is when you are playing against the computer and they will take their chances a little better than in previous fifa games. Only time will tell but we sure are liking all these new features which are going to happen so let us  know what you think below.



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