Fifa 13 The First Screenshots Revealed

Fifa 2013

Chelsea Vs Arsenal Fifa 13

Fifa 13 Messi

Fifa 13 Messi Screenshot

Fifa 13 screenhot

Fifa 13 Screenshot 3

These are the new fifa 13 screenshots of the first look at the new game due to be released in September later this year. EA have promised to make the best football game of all time and said that nobody will be disappointed with the end results.

They want to make the complete perfect football game for an amazing experience so that there are epic fights for possession all over the pitch as if it was a utterly realistic game. They want to make the AI state of the art so that the computer is as smart as you the player are.

Fifa 13 will offer a greater career manager mode that is improved ten fold on requests that have been personally made by die hard fans of the games. Online gaming will be far better with the head to head online seasons being improved dramatically.

There will be more world football clubs than ever before with a staggering 500 plus football clubs to choose to lead into success. EA sports are not finished there though, in the coming months you can expect more announcements about the new features that are going to be installed into the much loved game.



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