Fifa 2013 features and improvements

The expectation for the new fifa game is higher than ever before as fans are looking for vast improvements than to the previous game. The changes to the last game were very good and people do acknowledge that, but at the same time want the next installment to be just as good. There is no secret to there being 5 key changes in this next game. Lets take a more in depth look at them and explain exactly what they are.

There will be more of an attacking intelligence in fifa 13 and this will allow players to be one step ahead when attacks are underway. It’s going to be the best AI ever on a fifa game to date. The players will actually make some space in the penalty area and act on the ball to capitalizeon attackswith maximum effect. This will be revolutionary and fans are going to absolutely love this new feature.

The dribbling will be enhanced aswell and it is going to be called the complete dribbling feature. This will be good for when the player with the ball at he’s feet is facing the attacking direction and uses the dribbling with the 360 system that has superb accuracy. You will have a better chance of creating goal scoring opportunities like this. It will be deadly in one on one situations with the defensive player or goalkeeper.

Last years first touch is going to be notched up a gear aswell and is going to be improved considerably. The way in which this works is pretty much all the players are going to not have a decent touch of the ball when they receive it from another team mate. The players that will have a perfect touch will be the very skillful ones with sublime technique. This feature will benefit the defenders as they will be winning possession of the ball more often than in other fifa games.

The tactical set plays when you have a free kick will be improved aswell in fifa 13. Creating a chance from a free kick will be even better and more life like as the diversity of the set plays is considerably improved. This will be amazing if you were a team like Stoke city with all there tall players that they have in their team.

The player impact engine will totally get revamped from scratch which is really great to hear from EA. Unlike last year when it involved having a physical presence and balance, this year it will involve off the ball play aswell. Those are the five new improvements that are going to be made to this years fifa 13.


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