Fifa 13 – What to expect

With most fifa games the real devoted fans of the franchise cannot wait for the new release to come out. We once again wait in anticipation to see if the new game is bettered or not. Things like will the controls be tampered with and be changed or will it get even more realistic than it unbelievably is already.

Many people who play fifa like to look up the statistics of their favourite players a couple of months in advance of the games release. Players like Rooney, Aguero, Xavi to see what attributes will be given to them in the new installment. We will be covering this topic a little closer to the time as soon as the details are available to us.

Fifa is no doubt one of the most played video games in the entire world and gamers spend more time playing against their friends on fifa than the time that they actually spend on Twitter or Facebook. The game effectively is not just for kids as it is aimed at adults aswell. Anyone can choose to have a crack at it as it’s only a football game like any other.

Making fifa 13 will be a tall order as a lot is going into this new updated footie game. The revolutionary player impact engine really caught the eye of a lot of people and they will wait to see just how much this is improved since a year has passed. There is talk of having handballs in the next chapter but we will also have to wait and see how that develops over time.

Unless PES 2013 can pull off something absolutely amazing out of the hat, then i can’t really see it beating fifa 13 when they are both released later this year. We can tell you a first on fifa 13 in which non skillful players such as Vidic will not be as good on the ball as the likes of Nasri. This was something that really needed looking at and i’m glad EA have finally taken the time to put this right.

The replica shirts will be as good as ever before seen in September with all the latest sponsorships and logos all done. Unlike the pes games where 90% of the shirts are blank and not completed by Konami. The difference to last year though, is there’s going to be a whopping 500 different club teams to take your pick from. Talk about quantity and a huge wide range of choice to select your team with.

In the upcoming months there will be more news and rumours on fifa 13 coming out all over the web and we shall be their fist hand to bring you the latest on the subject matter. Make sure to keep in touch with us and find out all what’s happening in the world of fifa.


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