Fifa 13 ideas and news

The due launch of fifa 13 this fall is inspiring us to come up with a few ideas of our own for the game. If you haven’t spotted any ideas that you like or disagree on then let us know via our comment box. Alternatively you could completely come up with your own ideas that you would like to be included in the next fifa game. It’s entirely up to you as we love to hear your feedback.

We think that there should be a lot more crowd chants in the game with more of the traditional songs that the fans singe every football game in real life. Like When Liverpool sing Steven Gerrard’s name out in the middle of a premier league match. A Load of gordies singing Newcastle throughout a tie at St James Park with a crowd of 52.000 fans.

Basically in a nutshell we want more of the songs that we hear on television or when we go to a live game on the new fifa. Another idea is to have particular players being booed in a particular game. For example, When Fernando Torres is playing for Chelsea against Liverpool the Scousers would boo Fernando because of him betraying them and moving to a rival premier league club.

The introduction of managers that actually look more visible on the touchline would be a great asset aswell. Imagine seeing sir Alex Ferguson at the dugout ranting over a decision that has gone the other way for the other team. That would look really cool and different.

fifa 13 news

Van Persie fifa 13

In the latest news for fifa this week, is that the 5 new features have been shown over the web. These have been discussed in depth on a previous 2 posts that we have written in the May archives. The new piece of news we have though is that the player impact engine is going to be revamped which we knew, but a little more has come to light. The dodgy graphics will be no more and you are expected to see absolutely no more glitches in the new fifa 13 game at all.

This is great news and more will be posted soon so remember to keep in touch and get involved with us by leaving your personal opinions below. All your comments are most welcome all the time.


3 thoughts on “Fifa 13 ideas and news

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  2. 1. You should improve career mode so when your virtual pro starts getting better his international team will call him up for friendlies. 2. Also career league after first season let it keep going like real life if u win a cup u qualify for a tournament next year and you should be able to play in world cup 2014. 3. Let us have our VIRTUAL PRO in ULTIMATE TEAM

  3. Idea 1. Why can’t you have 2 teams that your VP could join at any one time? It’s terrible when you can’t play, becuase people aren’t online.

    Idea 2. You can have your VP celebrate when their team has scored, but when you concede you can’t have a reaction – maybe you could have one and the opportunity of something that could lead to a booking or two (as can happen in a real game) – like taking your shirt off

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