Fifa 13 news and gossip

There’s talk that the developers of the fifa series are keeping a close eye on the makers of the pes series Konami. They want to make sure that they don’t get too complacent with their games because their rivals could take advantage of that situation if they don’t. Fifa have been very consistent over the years proving that they are the top dogs when it come to football video games.

Year after year they make the most revenue and sell more copies of their games than any other footie game. The pro evolution soccer franchise have tried for a number of years now but so far have failed and been unable to keep up with fifa and their quality and knowledge of football games.

Fifa 12 that came out last year in 2011 is one of the greatest football games ever to be released. With exhilarating real life performance from players and extraordinary graphics to show for. The added features to this new game were ones that went down well with a lot of people. They were what were needed for a fifa game and definitely made it a must have for the winter of 2011.

Now in 2012 there is to be the release of fifa 13 on all formats possible including of course Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Nintendo Wii. Along with a few more formats it’s near enough available on every single playing machine. Fifa for me seem to be able to market their product a bit more than pes or any other competitor in their field which gives them that added advantage.

The YouTube videos that are uploaded seem to get many more views than PES and the sales figures are superior every single year. Sometimes Konami seem to change absolutely everything about their games some years and it just confuses people. Where the saying don’t change it if it’s working springs to mind in this situation. Change a few things by all means, but there’s no need to change the majority of components especially if it’s working and going well.

We look forward to seeing the new Fifa 2013 when it arrives on your computer or in your local store later this fall. Stay up to date here for all the news and gossip.


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