Fifa manager 13 game looks great

The latest reports for the new fifa manager 13 game that is due out this fall is that the manager mode is going to be the best yet. It is to get a major revamp which everybody knows it needed. They are going to make it to be more on the manager side with tactics and manager sort of everyday duties but that is aside from the game play.

You have to think for a fifa game to have any real intention of gaining the crown for the best coaching type of game aswell as real time playing, it would have to be something pretty special. They would have to pull it off by beating heavy competition like Championship manager and the long running football manager. Those two games are without a doubt the two best manager games out at the moment and continue to dominate that field every single year.

One of the new features for this game is the team dynamics feature which will inject a sense of realism into the game. So you can see what the family relationship is like and a players personal goals, aswell as seeing if there’s a rivalry brewing in the team. A feature that has not yet been implemented into any other football manager game on any consoles to date.

You can also ask your assistant manager to scout a player and then carry out a psychological test on him to see if he is worth signing or not. This will be a huge benefit as it will prevent a new p[layer that you buy from feeling unwelcome if he or the other players don’t get on with each other.

You will have to have a clear eye for talent and make sure that you purchase the right sort of players to mold and gel with your specific team and the style that you play. The focus will be on one player per time to get the absolute best out of them and make sure that they reach their goals. All in all, we think the new fifa manager 13 game looks great.


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