New Fifa 13 rumours and gossip

We have some special rumours or rather Fifa 13 gossip available that has come about today. It has been announced by EA sports that they will be including a special Ultimate Edition for gamers to pre-order for Fifa 13. The news will delight supporters of the franchise as it will give gamers a chance to build a great footballing side full of world class players with gold packs.

The gold packs will offer 12 items which will involve staff, players, managers, contracts, badges, balls, kits and stadiums in them. Players will also receive a very special rare item and the players that they get will have a rating that is 75 plus. The Ultimate edition is only available through pre-order only. There is not another service that EA have released so it will be the only way to get these special gold packs.

If players of the game want to get off to the best possible start to their season, then this type of service is the sort of thing they will be looking for. Each individual that purchases the package, will get 24 amazing Fifa ultimate edition gold packs.

The rumours of what format this ultimate edition gold package is on is Xbox 360, Kinect and PlayStation 3 so far. In the near future there should be more options available though.


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