Glasgow Rangers not on Fifa 13

Many Glasgow Rangers fans were surprised and furious that they will not get the chance to play as their favorite team on the upcoming new Fifa 13 game. We personally are struggling to back their corner and see exactly where the Rangers fans are coming from. If Glasgow Rangers are not in the top Leagues, then how can EA Sports possibly put them into the game?

Rangers will be put into the dreaded Scottish football league, and will start their new season in the Scottish division three. Fifa 2013 will not have the third division and fourth tier down Scottish league on their game and rightfully so. There is only need for the SPL to have it’s rightful place in the game. Not any amateur league where the difference in class and quality is there for all to witness.

So with the Rangers fans annoyed and calling it a disgrace, we cannot really see where they are coming from. There was no other way this specific situation could have gone. The loyal fans will just have to wait a couple of seasons for Rangers to get consecutive promotions back up to Scottish footballs top tier. They will be missed though, as after all, Rangers and Celtic are the big two massive football clubs in Scotland.



4 thoughts on “Glasgow Rangers not on Fifa 13

  1. Never really thought about the implications of Rangers demise in the simulated world, but its something EA just can’t ignore. Rangers, how ever unfortunate for their fans, should’nt be included.

  2. River Plate went down a division and were kept in the Rest of the World bit of the game. The Turkish league was deleted and yet Galatasary were placed there as well. I don’t see why they couldn’t put Rangers there too.

  3. It’s funny to think of a game where Ross County feature but Rangers don’t. They sold the t-shirts on the last day of the season to confirm this (We’re in Fifa 13 and you’re no – gold dust around Victoria Park). I agree with the ‘Rest of the World’ slot.

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