Fifa 2013 Career Mode Exclusive Preview

We are looking today at the first official Fifa 13 career mode preview and what to expect from it. There have been some major changes to the career mode for the new game and we are going to talk you through the entire lot.

The very first thing that we noticed was that you are now able to change the appearance of your manager that you choose even better than before. The skin tone and also the body physique and suit attire colour of your manager in the career mode.

The next new feature that we instantly came across was the strictness of your financial situation. This has three settings for you to choose from in the settings many to suit your personal preferences of difficulty.

The way this works is when you sell a player to another football club, how much of that money you are then entitled to by the chairmen is down to these exact settings. If you set it higher then obviously you will get the majority of that money back in your kitty to spend on future talent for signings.

As soon as you start your career mode you will get a very helpful menu that will basically explain everything so that you understand completely working as a tutorial if you like. The AI when trading players in the transfer market is incredibly clever and will shock a few fifa 13 fans when they finally get round to trying out the game.

The opposition team will actually sit back and come to terms on whether or not the particular player that you are offering them, will fit into the shape of their team. It’s a very interesting and we are sure popular idea that EA have introduced.

A great example of this is the likes of Manchester United would not take someone like Matthew Etherington on their books when although he is a decent player, he is not world class enough to be in a top four premier league team.

You can also get your head scout to enquirer about a particular target that you happen to be after without actually bidding on them directly. Your personal chief executive will give you welcomed advice on players as well. So you might be bidding to much on a signing and he will let you know that you can put in a lower offer instead.

There are certain ways to lure big players to your club by saying you will be a cup player for important cup games. The other responses are saying that they will be a very crucial player for the team or a first team player. All this depends on whether or not the major signing decides to join your football club.

What you must be very careful of, is when you get a offer of say £27M for David Silva and you can put your price tag on Silva for example £31M. If the opposition team meet that price for him, then you have no choice but to sell and you will lose that specific player. It is good if you want a clear out, but be very careful with your first choice power houses.

You can use the loan window as well in mid season on Fifa 2013 which is a great new feature to be added. At the end of a match you get even more detailed reports than ever before which may help some gamers. The transfer window is much more filled with less activity than in previous fifa games so don’t expect loads of transfer dealings to go on between other clubs on the main menu.

The touchlines are now more animated than ever before as well like substitutions will be able to be seen in the background warming up doing stretches. The fans are much more louder with on pitch incidents this time around.

All in all Fifa 13 career mode looks pretty damn awesome and we certainly are going to be playing it until Fifa 14 comes out well over a year away. This game though, does look like it delivers on everything that the loyal fan base deserves and people will not be disappointed one bit.



2 thoughts on “Fifa 2013 Career Mode Exclusive Preview

  1. Thanks for your sharing!

    May I have a question:
    I have played 2 seasons for Man Utd and I have got all the champions (even the World Cup). However, there is still no clubs approaching to offer me another job. I would like to try other clubs.
    May I know why and how I can move to another club?

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