Our take on Fifa 13’s controls first look preview

With just over a month to go until it’s big anticipated release, we have a massive first hands on preview of Fifa 13 and it’s new controls that have been put into place. Everybody is well aware of the new changes that are involved with the new addition, but if you are not aware of them, then we have covered this many times in post over the past few months.

Just go through our archives and you will be able to see our posts on the new features and improvements that are to be introduced into the new game. Basically in a nutshell, the player impact engine is to be dramatically improved. As well as complete dribbling, first touches to have a major makeover and the free kicks to be more team like. The free kicks will be better because of the variety of different ways to actually score from them.

So we took a first look at the epic game and found out a few things that certainly pleased us to the extent that we just cannot wait for it’s release. The players stats and attributes will be a fair representation of what’s going on during the players performance in the match.

When dribbling with the likes of the great Lionel Messi, the ball amazingly sticks to he’s feet as it does so many times in games he plays for Barcelona or Argentina. So the realism involved in mind blowing when you think about it. We tried Peter crouch out in a premier league game and the heading ability that he had was world class and untouchable.

The first touch of players with great technique tended to pull off a sublime touch than that of the players that had poorer technique. Jonathan Walters had a very poor touch than compared to someone like Carlos Tevez.

When fans of the game play with football league teams in the lower leagues such as the Npower Championship and Npower League 1 and League 2, the difference is there for all to see. The professionals at that sort of level (with no disrespect intended) are not blessed with the skills that of a premier league or Serie A player.

So naturally the quality on display will be of a real difference and many football fanatics will no doubt be expecting this and accept it as a real form of realism.

The defending has been improved by a country mile and fans will be pleased to hear that we are very much liking the changes that have been put in place. The defending seems more controlled and with help from the AI in defence, it is a big bonus to have. It will however, take quite a considerable amount of matches for people to get used to the new defensive system. The more you play, the more you will learn and get better at it.

Overall the new fifa 13 game looks the real deal when it comes to improving on last years brilliant addition. Feel free to let us know if this was exactly what you wanted to hear or whether or not you wanted another big change to be implemented. Another hands on preview will be on our site in the coming weeks so make sure to check back for that one too.


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