Official Fifa 13 Player Stats Ratings Leaked

Below is the complete list that were able to gain through various sources on some of the major players stats and ratings for Fifa 13. All of them are completely legitimate and true to form so let us know in the comment box exactly what you make of the changes to your favorite players.

Man City Player Ratings

  • Joe Hart = 85
  • Vincent Kompany = 85
  • Kolo Toure = 80
  • Joleon Lescott = 81
  • Pablo Zabaleta = 81
  • Gael Clichy = 80
  • Michah Richards = 80
  • Aleksandar Kolarov = 79
  • David Silva = 89
  • Yaya Toure = 87
  • Samir Nasri = 87
  • James Milner = 80
  • Gareth Barry = 83
  • Jack Rodwell = 76
  • Sergio Aguero = 89
  • Carlo Tevez = 85
  • Mario Balotelli = 84
  • Edin Dzeko = 83

Other Premier League player ratings for popular players can be seen below.

  • Lucas = 80
  • Koscielny = 80
  • Steven Gerrard = 84
  • Rio Ferdinand = 83
  • Vaz Te = 74
  • Welbeck = 79
  • G Johnson = 79
  • Federici = 73
  • David Luiz = 79
  • Rooney = 89
  • Theo Walcott = 81
  • Lukas Podolski = 83
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain = 76
  • Jack Wilshere =82
  • Santi Cazorla = 84
  • Darren Bent = 82
  • John Terry = 84
  • Ashley Cole = 84
  • Frank Lampard = 83
  • Ramires = 81
  • Fernando Torres =85
  • Leighton Baines = 80
  • Marouane Fellaini = 81
  • Nikica Jelavic = 77
  • Dimitar Berbatov = 82
  • Luis Suarez = 86
  • Raheem Sterling = 69
  • Ashley Young = 82
  • Paul Scholes = 81
  • Papiss Cisse = 82
  • Demba Ba = 82

That is all the player stats that have been leaked so far for fifa 2013 for the meantime. As soon as we get more or even better the full list, we will update this very page on a consistant basis. So make sure that you either bookmark this page or keep checking back occasionally for more player ratings.


100 thoughts on “Official Fifa 13 Player Stats Ratings Leaked

  1. 83 for gerrard!? fifa must be having a laugh! he was coming off an injury last season and was used under caution, he turns out to be englands best player in the euros and this is what he gets? thats a joke

  2. David Silva a 92? Holy shit thats high, I expected a 90. Im surprised that Gerrard is an 83. I would of thought the lowest would be 85. Im also surprised David Luiz is now a 79, I didnt think his 11-12 season was that bad.

    • I agree with you on all three, Silva should be close to the 90s and Gerrard was 87 on FIFA12 right? what a drop. Luiz too, improved his game but has his rating dropped from 82 – 79

  3. i think david luiz deserves a 83 and david silva is way too high! WTF 92 ? Gerrard is only 83 you kidding me? I bet if Steven gerrard was a city player he would be like a 88

  4. Gerrard an 83! yeah right blatantly fake also koscielny deserves at least 81 and david silva is so overrated lmao just cos he gets a free role in the best team in england every thinks hes incredible

    • I know how is gerratd an 83?! Englands best player! From a gooner. Koscielny has been our best defender and only 80 and glen johnson and david luiz should be 81 at least. David silva and ferdinand overrated

  5. Silva is good but hes not above Rooney. Rooney should be 91 and SIlva 90. And Gerrard only 83? What were they thinking?! He should be 87 at the least. And this coming from a Man United fan.

    • i dont believe u man rooney is too overrated! Maybe 87, maybe thats overrated as well, the rest deserve what they got apart from luiz only 79 u jokin? i may not be a fan of gerrard but he is at least 85. ur right about the rest.

      • And thats why rooney was the second highest scorer of the premier league. Why dont you just say torres is 92, Aguero is 98 etc etc then?

  6. wow.. i would rate rate gerrard 84. true he’s good but now his way above his prime. so does lampard when hey reduce him to 84. silva 92 is outrageous! 88-89 would seem ideal. im preety sure rooney is 89 coz v.persie is 90 and is playing for Man U. but i bet one of those 2 would drop form eventually.

  7. welbeck now even an 80? are you having a laugh…. his partnership with wayne Rooney last season was class and welbeck was one of Englands best players at the euro’s, also I’ve heard cleverley is only a 78? yes he was injured for most of last season but come on… the lads a future England star and will be the main man in uniteds midfield for years to come, any united fan will agree with me on this one.

  8. Everyone needs to realize that FIFA don’t just come up with a number for the Overall ratings, they have about 50 different ratings for things like passing, shooting, etc. and then they take the average, counting relevant stats to be worth more (e.g. for a striker shooting would be important). Therefore ratings are much more accurate than if random football fans just come up with a number. Although ratings can be inaccurate to some degree, they often prove to be a good representation to a players skill for their position. So for people who are suggesting Gerrard should be 87 overall, you need to take into account that he is 32, (so slow with low stamina) and his only real strengths are free-kicks and passing. He cant head the ball at all and he is very defensively suspect. Certainly no 87 for overall. Try and see past your ridiculous pro-Liverpool bias and realize that FIFA come up with thousands of accurate ratings and you have come up with 1.

  9. I think this is what the ratings there should be:
    Lucas 82
    Koscielny 81
    Gerrard 85
    Ferdinand 83
    Vaz Te 74
    Welbeck 81
    Johnson 81
    Frederici 75
    David Luiz 81
    Rooney 90
    Silva 88

    I’m a Liverpool fan btw

  10. gerrards rating is a joke englands best at euros should be atleast 85 everyones forgetting lucas was our best player by far to his injury should be 85 yeah rooney probs deserves a bit more look at the amount of goals he scored agger m skrtel should be higher then fifa 12 ratings silva way to high id expect that sort of rating from van persie not him for me his about 88 torres miss firing and all around shit play he shouldnt be 86 not even 80 better off at 75

  11. I think this should be the ratings of the Premier League Stars.

    Gerrard: 87
    Silva: 88
    Rooney: 88
    Van Persie: 87
    Suarez: 86
    Aguero: 86
    Podolski: 85
    Tevez: 86
    Kompany: 86
    Lampard : 85
    Hart: 85
    Reina: 85
    Cech: 86
    De Gea: 85
    Ballotelli: 84
    Lucas: 82
    Borini: 81
    Defoe: 83
    Lloris: 84
    Berbatov: 82
    Nasri: 85
    Hazard: 85
    Torres: 85
    Terry: 85
    Carragher: 85
    Agger: 84

  12. This is a good Liverpool line-up 11 players

    Reina 85, Enrique 81, Carragher 84-85, Agger 83-84, Johnson 82, Sahin 84-86,
    Gerrard 85-88, Allen 80, Sterling 82-84, Suarez, 86, Borini 81

    Gotta be true, it’s very accurate

    • Talk about overrating Liverpool players! Sterling 84! Gerrard – 88! and Carragher 85! Same as Terry? You gotta be kidding… He cant even get in the Liverpool team! Suarez is also half the player of Aguero so you must be a retard if you think they are equal in ability. If I was you I would go and actually WATCH some football you idiotic, deranged fool….

      I am a Liverpool fan btw…

      • As a liverpool fan i completely agree with louis, this should be the liverpool lineup- reina 84, johnson 81, skrtel 81-84, agger 83-86, enrique 80, allen 77-80, lucas 79-82, gerrard 85, suarez 86-87, sterling 69-71, borini 76, sahin 82

  13. This should be fifa 13 man utd ratings
    De Gea 81, A. Lindegaard 76, Evra 83, N.Vidic 87, P. Jones 81, C. Smalling 79, J. Evans 78, A. Buttner 77, Rafael 80, Carrick 83, Scholes 84, N. Powell 74, Anderson 80, S. Kagawa 86, T. Cleverley 82, D. Fletcher 80, A. Valencia 86, Nani 86, D. Welbeck 81, Chicarito 84, W. Rooney 91, R. van Persie 89, F. Macheda 71, Bebe 72. How’s this one?

    • Dont talk shit. Rooney 91! He’s absolute shite. The bald twat. Also Vidic 87, he’s so overrated its unreal. He must be one of the slowest defenders ive ever seen. He could never cope with Torres and he cant cope with Suarez

  14. Silva 92 is absolutely correct. In a league dominated by physical football, he is amongst the few creative players that have made mark. Arguably the best player last season along wioth rvp, he had the top assist not only in the league but also at the Euros. What have gerrard and rooney – the paper tigers have done at the Euros or any major championship with the national team ??? or are you saying you are going to judge by the league performance only. ? Euro, WC don’t matter ?? Even in the league, he finished acc to the analysts ahead of rooney and gerrard. Rooney did well in the league, but what has Gerrard done?? Well, admit it after the departure of Xabi Alonso, Gerrard has not been the vintage Gerrard we know. They are not saying Gerrard in inferior to Rooney / Silva, it’s the present form that counts.

    • Actually I think you’ll find Alex song got the most assists in the league last year & silva is no way worthy of a 92 rating he’s a 89 at most & the same goes for Rooney & also Gerrard is lucky to get a 83 rating these days he’s past it he is sloppy with his passing & hasn’t got the stamina to get up & down the pitch all game anymore & lampard for me would get a 84-85 rating.

  15. I think these should be the ratings of some of the players of barcelona and real madrid:

    Di Maria:87

  16. i think liverpools line up should be
    i dont believe i have been biased at all, being realistic

  17. come on guys thats the way they could do its fine I hope they do better next time so dont get stressed up OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Coming from a Chelsea fan but
    Going to be a completely impartial, I’m a 16 year old boy so obviously no all about FIFA and some of these ratings are mad ! Silva 89..was brilliant in the first half of the season by far city’s best player but then he completely faded, 87 nasri ? All i kept hearing was how he was on the bench all season and when he did play he wasn’t great ! Also cech carried chelsea in champions league last year so
    Should be 86, ivanovic 83 Terry 85 luiz 83 cole 87, world best leftback amazing games against Barcelona and bayern, lampard 84-85, mikel 81, mata 87, hazard 87, ramires 85, our best player second half of season ! Torres 86, sturridge 81 people must remember him
    At the beggining of last season and
    Finishe our 3rd top scorer

  19. lampard 83 and terry 84??? complete joke! they wont be that on my game i assure you that. best defender in the premier league should be min 88 and lamps 87

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