Pre-Order Fifa 13 Now Possible Globally

It has emerged today that you can now pre order Fifa 13 ready for it’s late September launch. A E commence website called My Hot Electronics has announced that fans of the long running series can now get their hands on a copy by pre ordering the game via their site.

The new Fifa game will be a sure contender for video game of the year and most certainly sports game of the year. Gamers are already predicting the best football experience of all time ahead of it’s release.

Fifa soccer 13 as it’s called in North America is  going to be made available on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Vita as well as a PC version to be announced in due course. Players will now be able to take control of international teams as well as club teams for the first time ever.

This includes becoming the manager or playing the actual games, whichever suits you personally. There is also going to be more football clubs and football leagues than ever seen before to date. Make sure to pre-order your copy of Fifa 13 now for the complete footballing experience.


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