Fifa 13 Demo and Match Day Feature

EA Sports have announced that a demo for the new game will be out for users to get there paws into on September 11th 2012. The demo will be made available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles only.

It will give gamers of the franchise a chance to try out the game to see how much it has developed since the last version only a couple of weeks before the real release.

The brand new match day experience feature was inspired by Manchester City versus Queens Park Rangers fixture on the last day of the Premier League season. EA have decided to revamp it’s live season for the upcoming Fifa 2013 game.

The Producer of the series David Rutter revealed the amazing match day new feature exclusively. This will link all in game events to actual real game action elsewhere whatever league you decide to follow on the game.

Incidents such as suspensions, injuries and football club personal form will play a major part as they will be taken from real football on a day by day basis and drip feed into your Fifa 13 matches that you play.

This is going to be a massive feature that is going to transform the game to an entire new level of gaming. Real life events will be integrated into the commentary which once again will be Alan Smith and Martin Tyler. Such commentary to go with this match day feature would be something like a mention for a players stats and how good the individual may be doing. With on screen statistics to go with the commentary.

Another new features is that the teams that are your personal favorite will now appear in a little side bar which will in turn show there next four fixtures that are upcoming.
The Ultimate team feature will have a transformation with a team of the week coming into effect. Also there will be a tutorial that will be made available to newcomers to the Ultimate team. More news will be coming up in the next few days on all of this.


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