Who will join Messi on Fifa 13 Cover?

EA Sports will be announcing who will join the already know Lionel Messi on the front cover of their new Fifa 13 game. Messi was unveiled to be on the front cover quite a few months ago well in advance. Now hardcore followers of the series want to know which major football star will join him.

EA are going to be making the special announcement on Twitter and their official YouTube video channel. You will be able to join in the discussion on Twitter by using the hash-tag #FIFA13UKCOVER. They will also be letting everyone know on their official Facebook page.

The announcement will be made at 6pm in the UK on Monday 20th August 2012. The secret players will be talking to fans as well as a special added bonus. EA have called the new superstars “our new signings” which tells us that it simply can’t be Wayne Rooney again or Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere.

Some people around the web think that it may be the recently signed ex Arsenal and now Manchester United and Holland striker Robin Van Persie. If this were to be true, EA would surely not make the mistake of putting Van Persie in he’s now old Arsenal shirt.

Only time will tell and we will have it here first as soon as it is revealed on Monday. Until then, everyone can keep guessing as EA are not giving nothing away and rightfully so.


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