Our Official FIFA 13 Preview

Ahead of it’s release in little over a months time, we have a official Fifa 13 preview on fifa13-cheats.com for our readers to get the low down on the game. Our preview will let you digest everything to look forward to when the game comes out.

EA Sports have said on a number of occasions that this is going to be the biggest and best football video game of all time. The fact they say this every single year, brings up the old saying of crying wolf repeatedly. However, EA might have actually nailed it with FIFA 2013 looking like the hounds testicles as far as we are concerned.

From what we have seen and covered over the past couple of months has made us extremely excited about this latest edition of the  long running series. The new features involved have purely shown us that EA Sports have really gone for it this year and want to cement Fifa back to the top of sporting video games.

  • First Touch Feature

The developers have said that the first touch is the feature that they are personally most excited about this year. They believe that they have completely got this part of the game perfect. They say regarding this, the ball will now stick to a players feet which will get rid of perfect touches and they will now be more real to life.

The ball will be going all over the pitch when a player decides to take a first touch and you can expect the ball bouncing off shins and miss timed touches. The days of trapping the ball perfectly are well in the past from now on.

The other factors involved with this is the weather conditions will play a vital part in the players touches. Also the actual individual will be another factor, so Damien Duff’s first touch may not be as good as Eden Hazard’s quality touch because of the difference in statistics. The player ratings basically will play a major role in how good a players technique is.

The last factor for the first touch is where on the field of play the ball is being kicked from and how tight a gap may be. Put that with the distance of the pass, whether it will be a short pass or a long pass either along the ground or not, will all play a part in the eventual outcome of the players first touch.

This is the most complete realism that anybody could have ever hoped for when it comes to a football video game. Some gamers may well get annoyed by this change of system at first, but this will be most welcome with real footie gamers who want the most realistic football game possible.

  • New Skills Feature

The skills that have been implemented into Fifa 13 will be adapted by EA Sports other FIFA title Fifa street. So we can expect some very silky skills on the new version, especially from players Eden Hazard, Nani, Ronaldo and of course Messi.

  • New improved Player Impact Engine

As reported by us a couple of months ago, the player impact engine from last years title has been given a much needed makeover for this year. This has been explained, but in a nutshell, you can now have off the ball tangling with opposition players and the engine will be more grounded and graphics not effected.

  • Attacking AI feature

The new feature of attacking AI will see the AI always determined to look for space on your behalf. Moving the defenders this way and that to try and shrug them off to create a gap in the defence.

  • New Match Day Feature

The match day feature is our personal favourite when it comes to new features for Fifa 13. This in our opinion will revolutionize not just Fifa, but football games forever. Basically what happens in real life, will also happen in the game as well. So if Michael Carrick gets injured for Man Utd in real life, then he will get injured in your season on Fifa 13.

The database will be regularly updated on a consistent basis and the match day feature will be an optional setting for you to turn on or off at your consent.

  • Swearing At The Ref (Kinect)

Swearing at the ref on the Kinect is another feature that people are getting very excited about. The voice recognition will actually know if you swear at the referee which is quite mind blowing.

  • Free Kick Revamped

The free kicks are going to be made more easier to create and score a goal from on F 2013. We have discussed this feature in depth on a previous post in our archives if you need to know more on this feature.

So our preview of FIFA 13 is that it basically is an absolute must buy game if you are into football/soccer in any way shape or form. This is one video game that 100% is going to deliver and make you hooked on it for the next 12 months until it’s successor is announced.


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