Best FIFA 13 pre order deals (Bonus)

If you haven’t already pre ordered FIFA 13 then we have got the best FIFA 13 pre order deals and bonuses on our website. If you purchase FIFA 13 through on any platform, e.g Xbox 360, PS3 ect, then you will be eligible for 10.000 bonus football club credits.

These bonus credits will be able to be spent via the E.A.S.F.C Catalogue which means you can use them on player celebrations to be unlocked and other really cool add-ons. We already know that the new Mario Balotelli celebration is to be included in the new game.

If you decide to buy the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 2013 then you will in turn get 1 completely free FUT gold package every single week for approximately 24 weeks in total. The all-star team that you will acquire will have superstars in it like Benzema and Messi.

Just reserve your own copy of the game and get these two special offers to go with your purchase. The pre order offer will actually expire on the day that FIFA 13 is released, so it is only available through pre ordering online.


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