FIFA 13 iPhone 5 App News

Everybody is excited about the upcoming EA Sports video game Fifa 13 and no more so than the latest journalists that have been able to get their hands on the game first. During the past week, many journalists have got a hands on exclusive first look at the game on many different console systems of the game.

The new IOS app for the iPhone 5 has been developed by the game makers and so Fifa 13 will now be available to iPhone 5 users as well as basic console gamers. However, the journalists that have had the opportunity to test the iPhone 5 version of the game, did not take to well to it’s complicated menu system.

There was a one off preview of the iPhone version this week and people who tested it out said that it was at times very confusing when it came to the menu system. This may only apply to new users of the series and experienced gamers may find it a walk in the park. EA may have to make some last ditched adjustments to this version for it all to make sense and be user friendly.

On a brighter note, during the preview the video game got good feedback on the control system and many people said that it was very easy to use and you could pick it up quick even if you were a beginner.

As this is the first time for the iPhone 5 and EA are getting used to apps, they may get better with time. After all, this is not their specialist area in which they are normally associated with. Apps are very important though in today’s climate and are basically a necessity these days. Overall the iPhone 5 version should do the job and be okay but this is the first bad thing we have heard about Fifa 13 all year round.


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