Fifa 13 First Touch Control Gameplay

The old way of just taking an absolute perfect first touch in the FIFA games is well and truly over. Those days are well past us now as the new FIFA 13 gameplay from EA Sports shows us in our video below.

Players first touch during matches has completely evolved since last years epic game. All the players on the pitch and it doesn’t matter what your name is or who you are. They are all going to struggle and work for their perfect touch on this years edition.

Some may say that it actually goes in favour of the defender because when a player takes a poor touch, then it gives the defender that extra split second to make up ground and put in a tackle to regain possession for he’s team mates.

When a player makes a poor pass to their team mate, it will be harder for he’s colleague to take decent enough touch from the ball this time round. The trajectory of the way that the ball is moving will play a major part and be a big factor for the first time touch in FIFA 13.

You may have to take a little while to get used to this new feature as maybe playing the ball to someone that is completely free maybe your best bet whilst you are getting used to the new gameplay. The long balls from one end of the pitch to the other are a thing of the past. They are probably going to be the hardest to master and take a genius to accomplish straight away.

Have a look at the new video full of gameplay of the brand new feature that is first touch control. See the evidence and how hard it is going to be to pull these types of moves and skills off in the new version.


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