Record Breaking Pre Orders For FIFA 13 And Demo Downloads

EA Sports FIFA 13 has had a fantastic week with the demo downloads having been downloaded just under the 2 million mark. More downloading is expected to go ahead and the overall success will be most pleasing to the famous game developers.

FIFA 13’s official demo became available to download on the 10th September with the PC and Xbox 360 versions being launched first ahead of the PS3 version. The PlayStation 3 demo was expected to available for download on the 11th this month. However there was much trouble with the official PlayStation store website and downloading was temporarily suspended.

The issue did eventually get resolved and without too much time passing by, people were able to get the FIFA 13 PS3 demo version and play the game at long last. We were on Twitter all day helping members of the public with downloading the demo and we got a big response and a lot of thank yous.

In other amazing news for EA, Pre orders have reached an all time high for the game as well this week. The record got smashed as it beat the previous game by a whopping 38% in Europe. In North America there was even better news, as pre orders were on the up with 63% more than last years acquisition.

This takes the total of pre orders to 880,000 total number of copies sold for FIFA 2013 already. Another bit of news that EA will be best pleased to hear considering their efforts.

If you are a EA Sports season ticket holder in Europe,then you will have access to the game on Saturday 22nd September. Which in turn will be an extra 6 days earlie rthan you would already have to wait. The full official version of FIFA 13 comes out on 28th September in Europe.


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