Buy FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Online

There are many websites out there offering user friendly,fast delivery service for ordering FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins online. The websites will typically offer coins in the return of cash for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

The sites also say that they will let you choose between paying by PayPal or credit and debit card depending on your personal preference. Adding that it is a secure and safe way to order coins online than any other service. They do however say that the coins are rightful property of EA Sports and the company’s play to earn your coins for you.

Considering some of these coins that are being offered are in the region of 100,000 coins, it makes us wonder if this is completely legitimate or not. We are not saying it is or isn’t, we just are not 100% sure on this. To be perfectly honest we think that this is legitimate and these so called websites for coins really do complete your offer and get you them on time.

Most of the websites do in fact have a Twitter account which makes us think straight away that they are the real deal. Also they do allow you to email them as what we have seen on the sites we have visited recently. All of them had a facts and questions page which we thought was a neat touch to have as well.

We basically want to know what you guys “our readers” think about these specific websites that sell FIFA 13 coins online. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.


12 thoughts on “Buy FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Online

  1. I have just short of 4 mil, I trade but don’t play 🙂 I am wanting to sell them not sure the best way to sell them.

    I started to trade as my lad was spending his pocket money on ms points. So I learnt to trade and now he can trade without me so that’s why I have so many spare coins. No team just coins.

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