FIFA 13 Demo – Flick Skill Cheat And Tip

No doubt that most of you have been having fun and enjoying the brand new FIFA 2013 demo that has arrived over the past week. We have received many of our readers asking for FIFA 13 demo tips and cheats. Well it’s not exactly a cheat but more on the lines of a tip on a really cool skill.

The new skill will blow your marker away and leave them hanging in the position gobsmacked at what just happened to them. It is called the flick skill and is very effective to lose your marker that’s hovering around you all game.

To pull off this skill during game time, simply tug the right analog stick in any of the directions you wish your player receiving the ball to go. It has to be completely perfect so you might want to give it a few attempts before your an expert at it. You will get there eventually it doesn’t take that long to master and once you get the hang of it it comes natural to you.

The flick also depends on how close to you the opposition defender is and the flick may go past him or if he’s marking you tightly then instead go over he’s head completely. Which is really cool when you can pull it off with a certain style. It’s the type of skills that Ronaldo or Messi would normally try to get away with.

The games we have done it in, we haven’t taken it seriously and have treated it like a training session. So just have a little practice and get to grip swith it and then enjoy guys.


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