Exclusive: FIFA 13 Will Include Glasgow Rangers FC

We can exclusively reveal to you that Glasgow Rangers football club will be included in EA Sports new video game FIFA 13. The panic of chants of angry Rangers supports clearly worked and made EA think twice about getting rid of the Scottish outfit.

We all thought that Rangers would not feature in the latest installment, but we have caught our eyes on a screenshot that shows us that they will in fact play a part in the latest addition. Rangers will be in the “Rest Of World” category and will definitely be here to stay for the long term.

We even thought ourselves that the Scottish giants would not make it in this series but we were wrong. Not being in the SPL is a blow but it’s better than not being included what so ever. This will be a kick in the teeth for their arch rivals Celtic who must have thought all their luck was on their side and laughing it up.

The official FIFA 13 game is out in the UK on Friday 28th September 2012 and Rangers will now be on the full game.


2 thoughts on “Exclusive: FIFA 13 Will Include Glasgow Rangers FC


    team should be and overall-

    Alexander 71
    argirou- 62
    emilson- 67
    perry- 62
    little-69 (potential of 76)
    templeton- 76 (potential of 83)


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