Web App For Ultimate Team – FIFA 13 News

FIFA 2013 UT Web App

The access to the FIFA 2013 Ultimate Team web application early on has now officially gone live. This feature is only available to previous FIFA 12 UT players unfortunately and they can get exclusive access from today. You have to remember to create that all important security question if you want to get your hands on it early.

You will be entitled to special gift packs which will be really cool and you will be receiving these on a daily basis. You can get even more packs if you are a dedicated FIFA 13 Ultimate Team fanatic.

PS3 Launch with FIFA 13 Bundle Deal

In other news, the official unveiling of the new look PlayStation 3 will go out on the exact same day that FIFA 13 is launched in the UK. The new slimline PS3 which looks absolutely perfect with it’s unique sliding lid feature and 500GB.

Sony made the announcement this week and we can’t help but get excited about this as they are also offering a super cool deal to go with it. The bundle deal will see this brand new look slim PS3 and the FIFA 13 full game included for a certain price. We are unable to give you the price at the moment for either the bundle or in fact the new PS3 price.

That’s because Sony Computer Entertainment have not yet given the slimline PlayStation 3 a fixed price as of yet. The pricing of the product and bundle should be announced in the not too distant future we expect. You can check out a sneak peak photo of the new PS3 below.

PS3 Slimline

The all new PlayStation 3 slimline that Sony have unveiled will go with a FIFA 13 bundle.



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