Cheapest place to buy FIFA 13 (Coupon Code)

For people who have not yet pre-ordered the spectacular football video that is FIFA 13, you are in luck today. Many gamers buy video games on a weekly basis and are complete gaming fanatics when it comes to the latest game that is released.

The gaming industry has in recent years has become massive with people spending a fortune on the games they love. We thought that everyone would have to wait until Christmas time to get a good deal to buy FIFA 13 but we were wrong. You don’t even have to wait until the January sales either which is an added bonus.

We have searched the Internet far and wide to find our readers the best deal to buy FIFA 2013 at the cheapest possible price. We actually nailed it much to our relief and we are going to share with you the pre order deal that we found.

For those of you who cannot afford the hefty prices that have been slapped on the epic football game, we have the solution. Asda are selling the game for £39.97 which is the exact same at monster supermarket giants Tesco. The Ultimate Team game is selling for a massive £46.47 at both of the stores and doesn’t look like the price is going to drop in the near future either.

If you pre order online with (Sainsbury’s) supermarket and use a special code that we will give you, the n your about to save. The catch is you need to pre order and there is only a matter of days until the game is officially released in the UK. September 28th is the deadline as this offer only works first of all online and if only you pre order the game.

The offer stands to give you a amazing 20% discount off the game and puts the price to £34.39 which is incredible value and one which you won’t find elsewhere. The discount Coupon code is (SETOK12) and you will need to do this online at the Sainsbury’s official websites. Enjoy gaining FIFA 13 for the cheapest price, let us know if there is a better offer out there in the comments box below.

Note: This Sainsbury’s offer is ONLY valid in the UK. We have seen a few comments from you guys saying that the code doesn’t work, this is because it only applies to those living in the United Kingdom. Also (new customers only) so existing customers will not be able to get this deal.


11 thoughts on “Cheapest place to buy FIFA 13 (Coupon Code)

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