Our Final FIFA 13 Verdict (Review)

Our FIFA 13 Review

So the verdict is in on what exactly we think of the new FIFA this year and lets just say that it hasn’t disappointed us what so ever. We have been covering this game for a very long time and have been through it all with every news story over the past year. Now however, we are going to give our final review of the game and tell you how it is.

Following on from last years amazing title (FIFA 12) it would appear to some like a bit of an impossible job to beat it. Last year EA introduced us all to the new features like the player impact engine and tactical defending as well as precise dribbling skills. That was absolutely nothing compared to 2013 and all you football/soccer gamers are in for a treat.

So the first thing that we noticed before anything and the first thing that we are going to cover on our review is the game graphics. They have improved a little since last years edition and seem more crisp and touched up a notch and if you played the demo, then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

The major difference with this new FIFA is that no matter what player you are, the first touch control feature which is new this year, will not be kind to you. Even playing with someone like Berbatov or Pirlo who have fantastic touches and technique with the ball, they will even struggle nine times out of ten.

The days of players in loads of space and no marker on them have very much gone. There is no perfect passing, there’s no precise shooting in this game. Your basically in a realistic game than ever before with shots going over the bar and passes not accurate to the player that is not in the perfect position.

This just undermines how much the game has evolved and got with the program in our opinion. Some people will not like the realistic side of things, because they most probably won’t be able to handle it. Others meanwhile, will love the complete realism of FIFA 13 even if it is incredibly difficult.

The first touch control will be giving the defender a split second more to put in a challenge and make the tackle. This bare in mind, is from a normal pass along the ground. A standard pass if you will, doing a long pass or spreading the play will be incredibly hard to pull off with the precision of passing affected and the first touch control causing you real problems.

The defence looks like to key area where EA have looked at and seen that they want to concentrate on in FIFA 13. The defenders in FIFA 13 will back off the strikers and midfielders and put in a challenge when they absolutely know they have a chance of retrieving the ball from you. Much like real life if you think about a Professional game.

The new match day feature which we have covered immensely, lets you play on your game the real life weeks games as the teams squads are being updated through the weeks. The Ultimate Team is back and has not changed from last year apart from a few screens.

Football club is really cool, because you can play classic games and win super awesome unlockables like kits and goal celebrations. The skill games are not a bad touch either. You can play around in training practicing your free-kicks and neatly dribbling around arena cones with precision.

You even get be a pro goalie which most FIFA fans have been waiting for a number of years now. The referees will not always make the entire right decisions and will get it wrong sometimes. So that is something you will have to get used to, after all it is realistic to matches that happen all the time.

There is a new drop ball system where the player will kick the football back to the other teams goalkeeper and then get a good round of applause from every fan in the stadium with the sportsmanship scenario coming in to it. You may also notice that there will be live scores as they happen come up in the corner letting you know the scores of other games that day.

This is to do with the match day feature and you can actually turn this on or off depending on your own personal preferences. That is literally everything you are going to need to know for the new game. All in all we are going to give FIFA 13 a  10/10.


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