FIFA 13 News Details On Midnight Release In The UK

Some new details on the launch of FIFA 13 in the UK have been released by the retailer Game. They plan to hold a special midnight release of the game at some of their major stores throughout the United Kingdom. The launch at midnight, will be on Thursday 27th September in the evening.

The UK is by far the biggest market for the game as so many Brits love their football and more importantly love the FIFA series. People who live in the United States and North America already have access to the game as it got released there yesterday.

The massive retailer that dominates the high streets in the UK (Game) are holding a special midnight release at some of the biggest stores tomorrow. The special events are at certain specific stores. So you will have to go online to the official Game website to see if the store near where you live is holding one of the events.

There are loads of different bundles and copy’s of the game that you can get at Game. They will be selling the standard FIFA 13 game for £42.99 and as said by us a few days ago, you can trade in 2 new titles and get FIFA 2013 for 99p. For the better Ultimate Team edition of the game, the price stands at £48.99 at Game.

The UT edition will include 24 amazing gold packs which includes the Adidas all star team. Make sure to check whether your own store near you is one of the special midnight launch parties online first.




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