FIFA 13 Points Roundup

There is a new concept that has been introduced to the new game with FIFA 13 points coming into play. We are going to be giving you the roundup of exactly what you need to know about FIFA 13 points and how much they cost.

They are a new type of currency that will take affect on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team in order to help you buy Ultimate Team packs easier and quicker than in previous versions of the video game.

It saves players buying packs through their PlayStation Store or Xbox Live marketplace. Now with this new addition, you can purchase UT packs really comfortably straight from FIFA 2013. Here is the list of prices that the points are going to cost you.

  1. FIFA 13 Points 4600 [you get 600 bonus points] Costs £21.93
  2. FIFA 13 Points 2200 [you get 200 bonus points] costs £10.97
  3. FIFA 13 Points 1575 [you get 75 bonus points] costs £8.22
  4. FIFA 13 Points 1050 [you get 50 bonus points] costs £5.48
  5. FIFA 13 Points 750 costs £4.11
  6. FIFA 13 Points 500 costs £2.74
  7. FIFA13  Points 250 costs £1.37
  8. FIFA 13 Points 100 costs 55p

If you decide to purchase a whopping 2000 points, then you will be entitled to an extra 200 points completely free with the package. You will get 20% off if you are a valued EA Sports season ticket holder as expected.



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