Cheapest FIFA 13 Prices – Tesco and Blockbuster

You can now get FIFA 13 at Blockbuster for the cheapest price at just £14.99 when you trade in either Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Borderlands 2 or F1 2012. The deal is absolutely incredible and by far the best deal going at the moment anywhere. This deal is sending a clear message to people from Blockbuster telling them they still have what it takes to be competitive in the market.

Tesco however are offering the game for an amazing £39.99 on it’s own with no catch. If you want the game for a deal at £29.99 then you have to buy £35 PlayStation Network Card (£34.96) or 4200 Microsoft Points (£34.87) or 2100 Microsoft Points (£17.87) which is probably the best and cheapest deal from Tesco.

This is great news if you haven’t yet purchased FIFA 13 and was waiting for a decent offer to come from one of the major retailers. The prices of games and FIFA 13 in general will drop closer to Christmas time, so make sure you check out our site for the best and most exclusive offers.


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