Great Reception In India For FIFA 13

The reception that FIFA 13 was going to get in India this year was widely discussed with most critics. Some said that it would be the same as any other year and just get it’s same old customers as in recent years. However with the addition of the Indian national team in the new game, this would play a pivotal part in the change of minds.

So the answer is that India did turn out in good numbers for the official launch of FIFA soccer 13. Loads of people around the country turned out to go to stores in their local city to see the famous game unveil. This will be a big step for EA to get more customers in the middle east and Asia territory.

Earlier in the week, FIFA 13 got it’s big release in North America on the 25th and sold more copies of the game there than they had ever before. So even America decided to get on board and break records for the popular video game. The UK version got released on the 28th September where FIFA has it’s biggest market than anywhere else.

Fir India in the upcoming years it seems have taken a close eye on FIFA and look very pleased that the country is in the national teams list this year. Lets hope that more country’s can be put into the national squad teams in the fourth coming future too.


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