UK Charts – FIFA 13 At Number 1

Calculating from sales of the past week, since it’s release on the 28th, FIFA 13 has gone straight to number 1 for sales in the UK chart this week. It comes to no surprise as the UK is the biggest market for the popular football game. It beats other games like Borderlands 2, Mists Of Pandaria and F1 2012.

The long term rival PES 2013 did rather poorly at the number 5 spot and will reflect on a very bad year for Konami and the game developers. For EA it is a massive success and a job well done as far as they are concerned.

It beat last years amazing title FIFA 12 by a staggering 27 per cent this time round last year. All in all FIFA 13 sold well over 1 million copies of the game in it’s first week and that figure is expected to rise considerably over the Christmas and new year period.

Whether it can stay at the top of the charts for the fourth coming number of weeks remains to be seen. The game has done terrifically well and has been marketed this year with certain expertise and class.


3 thoughts on “UK Charts – FIFA 13 At Number 1

  1. is this what you people at ea are telling yourselfs —- For EA it is a massive success and a job well done as far as they are concerned.——- you guys should be ashemed of yourselfs and anyone working on fifa 13…. NEVER and i really mean NEVER have ive seen so many problems and bugs and with so many people when a game is released…. THE big ULTIMATE edition… never came its just fifa but with 24 gold packs(with nothing good in it)

    have you people even took a minutes time reading you’re own forum….we post and post so many people with the same problems… an explenation,acknowledging all of these problems but most important and solution… none of these we get….. i should do something about all of these things or your christmas and newyears expectations of the rise needs a serious revision…

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