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If you haven’t yet already, you may want to check out or even follow us on Twitter. We have exclusive up to date news on FIFA 13 daily and it is a good way for you our readers to stay in touch with our blog posts on a day to day basis. We already have 5000 plus followers and are growing in reputation for all the help we give our fellow followers.

You can find us quite easily by using the hash-tag on Twitter followed by Fifa 13 Cheats and then we are the first result. Also all of the tweets will be ours which is useful as you can’t really miss us. Alternatively you can click on our direct link here to go straight to our profile page.

We are also on the all new Google + which is growing a huge reputation on the web and some think it is the next Facebook. All you have to do on there to find us is type in FIFA 13 in the search box at the top. Then we are the second result down named FIFA 13 News. Whatever you decide to do they are both great sources to find out first hand when we have published a new article on our website.

FIFA 13 Twitter

Find us on Twitter FIFA 13 news


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