Some FIFA 13 Virtual pro Information

Many players have become confused this year with the virtual pro mode and so are here to answer any questions we have found around the Internet regarding this. Any more query’s that you need addressing you can post a comment to this article and we will get back to you with the answer.

First and foremost at the very start of your long season with your virtual pro, you will be sent out on loan to gain valuable first team experience. This is also to see if you can come back and break into the first team of your chosen club if you do well at your loaned team.

One of the questions that we are hearing consistently about the FIFA 13 virtual pro mode is people are asking does it exist. Well simply the answer to that is yes and all you have to do is buy the game and look at the main menu. A lot of FIFA fans are probably thinking why did these guys even answer that? Well you wouldn’t believe just how many people are actually asking that question and getting the wrong answers.

Another big question about the virtual pro mode was how comes i can’t chose my players team? You may see that the team is in fact greyed out a little and you are unable to click on it. EA had to prevent loads of hacking on this game so they had to be slightly cautious at times. We can all understand that because nobody wants to be hacked or have their account compromised.

You will have to create a totally new pro on the career mode in the career mode start up which is an option. You will only have access to play virtual pro on career mode in this latest installment. You can’t manage and do virtual pro at the exact same time anymore as you have to wait till your player hangs up he’s boots to take over as manager of the football club.


59 thoughts on “Some FIFA 13 Virtual pro Information

    • I have the exact opposite problem… my pro can’t get loaned out at all. If I go to accept a loan, the cpu defaults to “stall” every time.

      • dude i had this problem too, you have to scroll down to confirm, click accept and hit down twice to confirm

  1. started as a pro at Leeds, then a few weeks into the season i was loaned (or so i thought) to bristol city, played one game for them and then they loaned me to accrington stanley. anyone else had this problem? was a loaned twice or have i mistakenly sold myself to bristol city from leeds after a week? surely they wouldnt sell me so early on? any ideas?

      • @GTW95 its supposed to be realistic, do you ever see messi playing defense? Stfu career mode isn’t ruined, it’s better then it was last year-
        19 years old 83 rated LM

      • LM82 you moron if messi would desire to become defender or more plausible, midfielder he have option to do so! Nobody forces him to play attacker! He have choice! In PES player may chose to train new position and that is more realistic and not like in fifa that I once chose position and cannot develop other positions ! It sucks!

      • My pro never starts in the bench!! Or I’m in the starting 11 or I’m not called at all for the match! Did this happen with anyone else?

  2. Can you get offers from other clubs without submitting a transfer request? I’ve just completed my 1st season with Shrewsbury.

    • Yes you can, i was with Roma, and while i was playing with my National team i was offered a spot at aresenal without transfer requesting, then fc bayern, then real Madrid, all in less then a week

    • There is weird thing in FIFA. You dont have contract :/ It lasts forever so no renewal offers or going for free to clubs that you desire. Especially you cant go to lower leagues because if you cost to much other teams that have no big money cannot afford your player if he is at about 75-80 rating. That sucks so bad :/ I had no choice to pick desired team and I had offers only from top teams :/ So player is FORCED to play for top teams :/ EA your logic SUCKS !

  3. I joined Tottenham Hotspur as CAM and have been loaned to Daganham and Redbridge ( Dag n Red ) it sux as I was loanded for a year and run rings round all the Npower league defence and have higher goals than our strikers ! Can’t wait to get bk to Spurs
    Long long loooong ting

  4. Indeed it is slightly time consuming, I created my Pro, CAM, signed for NUFC. Played the first friendlies, received various offers and on the last day signed for Shrewsbury. Played the full season there, winning the Championship at the end of the Season i returned to NUFC. Again played preseason, including scoring 4 goals and a 8.7 average. I was again offered various clubs even though my ratings were higher that Vuksic, Gosling etc. Also they sold Tiote, so i thought they might have kept me. Off i went to leicester, scored 26 goals, won the golden boot, Championship and FA cup (3-3) won 3-1 on penalties. Again end of the season went back to NUFC. Now in my 3rd season, even though i have been a regular in the England team for a season, they sub me every game at around 55 mins. Even if i am the top performer. So i have decided to go to Hearts on loan.

    • the subbing at min 55 is p*ssin me off…. my pro plays better than the others, is not tired but still gets subbed….why why why ? @modernist, does going to the other team end your substitutions ?

      • @Marco No Mate, even going to a team like Hearts i was getting subbed on 55 mins, and i got a little bit above my ability changing the level to Pro. Luckily i made a save in pre season at NUFC so i reverted to my previous saved game.. Hey if i am gonna be subbed every game, then it might as be with NUFC.

      • It depends how good you play, and if your out of position alot, when i was rated 75 i was starting to replace 78 rated zuñiga on the National team because i was playing better then him

    • @adam I’ve noticed this also, as i usually create my virtual pro as a CF. This year i thought i would start off as a CAM. However when i went to change the position it was not possible. Also when creating my Pro in the Setup screen on Know As, i left it blank, expecting it just to use my name, now on all news reports it is just a blank space.

    • You have to work your way up to team captain. Once you are captain you can pick the team and select yourself in a different position (Gk, D, etc.). This is the only way the achieve all the accomplishments. It sucks!

      • wrong u can start a CAM with MK Dons overall 68 n get the captain straight away still doesn’t let u change ur Pro’s position

      • It would be stupid. Player even capitan is not MANAGER. I remember in FIFA 12 I was almost forced to pick team and doo manager work. That sucked and I stopped playing fifa 12

  5. i am playing for port vale and am the best player in the team, was wondering why all y transfer request are declined and do other clubs come in to buy you thanks

    • When i started my 1st season, with NUFC. Napoli wanted to buy me but i refused. I have had no more offers, probably because i have always been out on loan.

  6. In FIFA 12 you could ‘manage’ your pro in career manaer mode, if you picked to manage the same team that you set him playing for…

    aka i had him playing for man utd in player career mode, i then chose to manage career mode in charge of man utd, and could pick my pro for the team.

    can you do that in FIFA 13? if not, its a load of crap in my opinion, it was one of the best parts of FIFA 12. Hopefully it is possible in FIFA 13 too tho…?

    • PS. i also had him set for man utd in the pro settings and normal game settings in FIFA 12, this option doesnt seem available in FIFA 13 😦

  7. Can you choose a a certain club to loaned too? I fancy playing for a mls team for a season but only get offers from teams like psg

    • @Michael I fancied a season in the MLS also. However I only had lower league UK teams coming in for me until i established myself at NUFC. Once established, they still refused to take me of the Loan List!!! Real Madrid and Bayern came in for me on loan offering 75K per week. in the January market. However i am sitting 3rd in the League so i decided to remain for the season, to try and win the championship and FA Cup.

      • It sucks you should be able to give a hint what team you want to play for nufc keep trying to sell me but they still play me so am just going to stay

  8. hei whenever my second season is preparing, it freezes. its really annoying for all my hard work is now lost until ea fixes it. they caused it because when the update came out it stopped working so yeah. does anybody know what to do? i really want to play it but i cant. what should i do n does anybody know if a new update will come out soon?

  9. hey i was just wondering does anyone know how to level up my character quick on carrear mode ive played over 4 seasons and his only lvl 76 i now got offered to real madrid but i dont seem to be up to there level

  10. Level up quicker by completing the achievements, overly pass the ball…long, short whatever. fake shots in the box, crosses..they all go improving. end of season 4 and my pro is 82…

    in those seasons i’ve got International call ups but England drop me every other game??? Cost them dearly in World Cup final!! ahhh, all those qulaifiers and groups games just to miss the final!! i knew hodgson was bad for England lol

  11. i made my pro as a Lm, joined man u then got loaned to portsmouth for the first season, didnt do very well there, then returned to man u and got loaned again, this time to plymouth where my overall went up and i got selected to play for my country side – england. My problem however is that after i got selected and i go to play another match the game crashes to the desktop, i haven been able to play another match as each time i attempt the game crashes… Anyone with this problem please help by rendering any solutions. Thank u

  12. yer i played a season as colchester won the npower league one played two games in champ and got bought by spurs. won the fa cup and finished second in the league with them. now psg hve bought me for 20m. however the worst thing about be a pro. i got to the final of the world cup scored the winner in the semi final against germany and they left me out of the final so i had to sim and we lost. now i can see that if i had higher rating it wouldnt happen but it needs to take into consideration form and goals scored. kinda sucks putting in all that effort to get benched for the final

  13. For some reason I can not accept or refuse loans/transfers on Be a Pro in career mode.

    Just played my first season, and my pro receives loan/transfer requests… when I got to hit “accept”, the cpu defaults to “stall”.

    Anyone else have this problem? Or does anyone know why it does this?

    Thanks 🙂

  14. Ok, I started a career as my virtual pro and he’s doing really well. I started at chelsea and took a loan move to Northampton. Im now in december and have an overall of 74, highest goal scorer and have also been called up to the national team (brazil). I feel like my pro cant really develop or grow as much as he is playing with players at around 60 overall. When i play for brazil its like i can really express myself as i am surrounded by world class players.
    Anyway! I was wondering if your parent club can call you back or if theres any way of leaving your loan team?


  15. Really time consuming this VP stuff! Im getting picked for every match:L can you return from loan half way through a season?

    • I don’t think so because I have been loaned out many times and I do very well. I do good with goals and I am always best on assist and my parent team never called me back until the season is over

  16. I started in the danish league with soenderjyske, after 2 matches i was sold to levante and after a half season in levante, i got my first game on the spain national team 🙂

  17. Hey I was Just wondering my virtual pro keeps on having his debut for my country – Northern Ireland so it makes it really hard to become captain for my club and country does anyone else have this problem?

  18. This year career mode sucks.
    Btw to the guy who said that the fact that you can’t change positions is not bad. Yes it is, that sucks big time. And Messi may not play defence BUT he started as a Left midlefielder, swithced to a CAM then to a Trequartista and is now playing center forward. And in Argentina team he usually plays as a CAM nowadays, so, he DOES change position

  19. I am playing for FC Bayern team as CAM. Npow my rate is 84. Even though i finished most of the possible case for midfielder achievements , i didn’t level up my rate. and how can i finish other accomlishments. In virtual pro , I only set one position. But others like messi , ronaldo …they take many positions…It is a kind of cheating

  20. I’m in my first season and im getting a lot of good tranfer requests like dortmund, Marseille and lots of others. But im only a 73 and im doubting that i’ll be played so i want to see their squad but i dont know how! is there any way to see the clubs teams?

  21. I need some help! my fifa 13 pro stopped leveling up the physics atributes! the other ones are very good and the physics are shitty and i’m almost finishing the accomplishments! Now my player stopped at the overral of 81! Please someone help me!

  22. I’m loaned out at an MLS club and it’s been nearly two seasons, and they still won’t send me back to my parent club. What do i do?

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