FIFA 13 Guide

Everyone knows by now that the new FIFA 13 game is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, that is probably a huge understatement as it’s extremely difficult for a FIFA game. That’s where we have a FIFA 13 guide that will not only make you rich from winning every game against your friends online. It will also teach you how to capitalise on common mistakes.

These will include all the set pieces that you take, from corners and goal kicks, to free kicks and penalties. Also basic attacking so that you will know how to score a goal from any opportunity or attack. Defending like a pro and clearing any danger even before it’s gotten anywhere near your goal line.

You need to know the absolute basics to even stand a chance on this new FIFA 13 game. The first touch control is causing a lot of players around the world havoc. Our guide will show you how to master the dead ball and take a first touch even the great Pele would admire.

Gain some ridiculous amount of Ultimate Team coins as well because this is what the guide is about. The basic FIFA 13 domination is an added bonus that you get on top of the UT guide. There’s nothing wrong with making money through playing your favourite video game. Check it out the FIFA 13 guide today.


One thought on “FIFA 13 Guide

  1. how to change the scoreboard of espn and how to zoom the camera when you score a goal because the goal celebration doesn’t have closeup or zoom.

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