Some Great FIFA 13 Attacking Tips

So you have probably played the game non stop like we have for the last couple of weeks. You are completely addicted to the game but are not quite cutting it when it comes to creating chances in the final third. We have some priceless FIFA 13 attacking tips to share with you that will make you  stop firing blanks.

So one great tip when you have possession of the ball is to make sure that you play a slow game. Pass the ball at the very least 12 to 14 times before going for the final ball or shot at goal. Try not to rush your play or play too direct or the opposition will figure your game plan out in no time.

Another great tip if you are having trouble creating chances is when you are close to goal, try a back heel in a decent position to confuse the opposition defenders. Do not do this action too much, over doing it will result in the opposing team figuring out the way you play.

When you have a crucial corner kick and you have put the ball in the box once or twice already, try a short corner to mix up your play a bit. This although you wouldn’t think it, is a fantastic tip to have. You see the other team will not be expecting it at all. On FIFA 13 you have to mix up your play a bit in order to do well on the game.

The short corner once in a while can have some surprisingly good results and can get you a goal now and again. You can also try this with other set pieces like free kicks and goal kicks, but the corners seem to produce the best outcome.

Using dummy’s in the final third is so unused but yet so effective it’s unbelievable. If you dummy the ball with once of your strikers to let the other forward latch on to the pass, then 9 times out of 10 you will have a clear goal scoring opportunity.

Our final FIFA 13 tip is about crossing the ball with a winger and getting a decent effort on goal with a header. Try coming inside with the wide player and crossing it that way, as crossing it from the byline is pretty ineffective and heading the ball is more rare than the other technique.

If you are suffering on FIFA 13 and need more tips for the gameplay side of things then you can always follow us on Twitter. Just type in FIFA 13 Cheats and we are the first result.


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