The 18 Best Tips For FIFA 13

20 Key Tips On FIFA 13

If you want to enhance your game and be the best on the all new FIFA 13 game, then you are gonna need these key ingredients. We are going to deliver to you, the top 20 best tips in order to become a machine on FIFA 13.

Spread The Play

In order to create space for your players on the pitch, you are going to need to spread the ball from end to end. This is easily done by getting the player who is on the ball on the wing, and face the direction you want to do a long ball to and then hold the long ball button in for roughly 2 and a half seconds. This way you will give your opposite winger loads of space and time to create a useful chance or pass.

Use the Low Cross Effectively

The low cross is one key element that you are going to need when the time is right as this pass is all about the timing of it. Basically when your winger is at the byline, wait until your striker is in front of he’s marker and then press cross three times to deliver a perfect low cross into the penalty area. The finish from your attacker will not always go in, but he will certainly get on the end of it every single time.


Low crossing on FIFA 13

Have Small Man Tall Man Combination

The best results in real life and indeed FIFA 13 are to have a small man tall man combination up front. Having the likes of Jermain Defoe and Peter Crouch or Andy Carrol and Carlos Tevez will do you the world of good. Soon you will see the benefits of this as there is two different types of strikers to deal with up front for the defenders. Both of whom will offer a threat to their goal up front in their own respective ways.

Have A Crack From Distance Now And Again

On FIFA 13 a lot of goal tend to go in more often than any other previous game from distance. It is certainly worth having a crack at goal from distance or just outside the opponents penalty box. If you hold the shoot button in for the perfect timing, then they will fly in the back of the net more often than not.

Tell Players To Make Runs

By pressing LB whilst in possession of the ball, you can tell one of your team mates that your facing to make a forward run. This is extremely handy to break up defences and take opposing defenders out of the natural positions. Make sure that you don’t make your centre backs starting a forward run because that will leave a massive gap in your own defence.

The Through Ball

Probably by far the hardest part or thing to pull off on FIFA 2013 this year. There isn’t ever really a perfect time to do a through ball, you just know when one is going to work as the minute you press it, you know it’s going right through that defence. All we can say, is watch a few games of the computer/AI and see what they do and when they tend to do the through ball. Other suggestions is to have a look on YouTube at some videos uploaded in a tutorial format.

The Ball Over The Top

This is basically the through ball over the top which is much easier and simpler to pull off. It is best to use this ball if you have a good old fashioned tall and strong centre forward to aim it at. The best types of strikers for this is the ones that have in their specialist the strength specialty. You can perform this action by pressing LB and X at the same time.

Get Your Defenders To Contain The Attacker

By pressing and holding in A, you can contain a opposing attacker and go in for the challenge when you see an opening. This is most useful at blocking crosses and not letting the opposition wingers get a cross in from the wing. It also allows you to get tight to the other team and force their player into a pass when maybe they would have wanted to take you on instead.

Use Speed And Lots Of It

If you have some of the most fastest players with speed and pace on the wings at either side back or general all round wingers, you must use them. Players like Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Theo Walcott or Alex Oxlade Chamberlain are never going to be caught down the wing. You must use this to your advantage by staying close to the byline and using their skill moves to maximum effect.

Pass The ball Around The Ground

You may not know it, but if you pass it well over 15 times then you can gain some momentum and you may notice as the passes go on, that the other team start getting annoyed. They will begin to press you and come out of position to try and regain the ball from you. Use this to your absolute advantage and if your a patient player and like a pass or two, then this is the best FIFA 13 tip for you.

Mix Your Squad With Youth and Experience

Most FIFA 13 gamers will want to get a full squad of youngsters in to do up their stats and make a talent for the  future. By all means do this, but you may need to get yourself a experience head in the team to give you that added edge in games. Experience isn’t a weakness, it’s vital and every team needs it.

Play Your Players Consistently

You are going to need to play your young players consistently if you want their stats to go up year after year. Also if you play your older wiser heads in your team, then their Overall will not decline either which is a good thing. Just remember that in order for your players to go up rapidly, their form will need to be in the dark green and then they will develop at a fast pace.

Use One Two’s To Confuse The Opposition

Using one two’s has been a tip on every FIFA game since they first ever came out. It is no different with FIFA 13 either as they are as effective as they ever have been. Using them will break up defences and confuse them in the process. It will also make space for the player receiving the one two.

Request Funds On FIFA 13

If you think that you may need more money in order to complete your goals that the board have set you for the season, then you can obtain them. You may not always be granted them but it’s worth a try in the process. The catch to this though is you will have to promise the chairmen that you will deliver their goals no matter what.

Do Quick Throw Ins

Doing quick throw ins can catch the team you are against off guard and can set up a chance. We have noticed that this is most effective from the wing as you can throw the ball quickly and then put in a telling cross for your striker to react the quickest.

Sign Experienced GoalKeepers

By signing experienced goalkeepers you will not know it but this will be giving you the edge over your opponent. If there is one member in your squad that is best to be old, it’s the goalkeeper. They don’t retire until late and perform better than the younger keepers on the game. The average age to sign a goalkeeper would be around 25 which would give you years with him between your posts.

Extend All Your Best Players Contracts

Right at the start of the season the first thing you should ever do is extend your players contracts. At the start of the season all your players are happy, so this is the best time to renew all those contracts of the important players right away.

Hold Up The Play Up Front

When the ball arrives to your strikers feet in the opposing teams half, hold the play up with him. This can be done with any striker as the defenders on FIFA 13 don’t commit to a tackle straight away on this latest version. Obviously it would work best with a strong and muscle like striker. When doing this you can look for runs in and around you to maybe do a through ball or a lobbed ball over the top.


4 thoughts on “The 18 Best Tips For FIFA 13

  1. Why bother with older “experienced” players? Their values decline almost monthly, and I have not found anything in the game to suggest their experience does anything for the team.

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