Invisible Ball – FIFA 13 Glitch Fix

Over the last couple of weeks we have received numerous amounts of emails with people saying about the invisible missing ball. This typically happens in the manager career mode on FIFA 13. So we thought that we would write a post on it to help those individuals who need pointing in the right direction in order to fix the problem.

Basically before you start the match from the menu, you need to go the the game settings and change the ball. The ball that makes it invisible is the default football and that is the one you need to avoid at all costs. Change it to any different ball of your choice and start the game with a visible football on the pitch.

Loads of people have written in and complained to EA about this terrible glitch but we have the answer. FIFA 13 has been in and out of the news thanks to in game glitches that are regularly occurring. Thankfully this is the only one to date that tends to happen in the career mode.

The others are in the online mode when playing against their friends or the famous Ultimate Team. For more solutions to game glitches involving FIFA 13 stay up to date here and check back periodically.

fifa 13 ball glitch

FIFA 13 Ball Glitch


12 thoughts on “Invisible Ball – FIFA 13 Glitch Fix

  1. I have the same problem with during online mode seasons. Never experienced it in career mode. I wonder if this is a user controlled glitch. It is very frustrating trying to play a game against an opponent when you can not see the ball.

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  3. What about the invisible player glitch in career mode, when I sub a youngster on for Arsenal in the 70 minute or above, they are completely invisible except for my player cursor above head. It is crazy!!

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