Premier FIFA 13 Guide Review

Let me start by saying this – The Premier FIFA 13 Guide is not perfect.

All things considered, however, it is pretty darn amazing. Seriously.

The legendary FIFA players that wrote the book have really put a ton of effort into making this guide the best it can possibly be. Gary, one of the authors was able to keep his #1 ranking on Xbox live while at the same time building the guide. Let’s jump into some of the highlights!

FIFA 13 Guide

Our Review

Fly Up The Rankings

One of the biggest reasons I first took the plunge to purchase the FIFA guide is that I was just exhausted of hearing my friends talk trash. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I like more than beating up on my mates.

The Right Strategies In The Right Order

A lot of research has gone into slimming and trimming the guide so that you only get the best FIFA information available. More importantly, they’re organized so that you can concentrate on which ever part of the game that you are struggling with.

This means a lot less time searching blogs, YouTube, and forums for bogus information!

Always In Revision

The team over at Premier FIFA 13 Guide is never really happy with their work. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have the best FIFA Guide in the whole damn world, but they’re always looking to add the best tips from the professional FIFA players. They will even answer your specific FIFA questions via email.

PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions

Tips are pretty much useless without including the exact buttons for both PS3 and Xbox 360 Controllers. This is the type of QUALITY info that you are looking for. So you know you have the exact manual for the right consoles for you to use.

It Works For All Levels

The problem with a lot of guides is that they assume you’ve been playing FIFA your entire life. This can lead to complete confusion for a beginner player.

The Premier FIFA 13 Guide is broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies so you never have to learn anything below you level.

The Conclusion

I won’t lie. After I’ve used this guide, I’ve gotten pretty spoiled. I don’t think I’d ever have gotten to Division 1 with it.

Being a busy man, I just don’t have enough time to play FIFA as much as I would like. When I go the chance to play, I have to make every second of it count.

Whether you’re a new player who needs a lot of guidance or an experienced player looking to start winning money playing in tournaments, this is a guide that everyone can enjoy. Your rankings have fallen in the amount of time it took you to read this review.

Get your hands on the premier FIFA 13 guide today!


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