Buy & Selling Players Career Mode Glitch Fix – FIFA 13

Many of our loyal readers this week have asked us on Twitter to help them with the career mode glitches. A couple of days ago we helped FIFA 13 gamers out with the dreaded missing ball glitch that was annoying everyone. Today we are going to tell you the best course of action to take in order to stop the glitches in the career mode.

So people have been saying that when they buy or sell a player on career mode that it just suddenly freezes on them. Deciding to delete your game face for virtual pro seems to tackle these issues quickly. You may not want to do that but in all honesty you may not have a choice in it.

Also you can try and delete your FIFA 2012 data that you have brought onto the new 13 game. Just make sure to delete every bit of information from the previous years edition. This tip seems to help players the most and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our Twitter followers.

What we would like to point out to you regarding in game glitches either online or off, is there is to be a major update by EA rather soon. It has been officially announced that they plan to tackle all of these annoying glitches that their customers are having and will take the best course of action to eliminate them.

They will be launching a major update for FIFA 13 so that all the glitches hopefully are a thing of the past. A patch for the Xbox 360 is due anytime soon and by following us on Twitter, you will receive the news first. Our profile is FIFA 13 Cheats and can be found easily on the social site.

The maintenance that will be carried out will resolve such issues as the career mode freezing all the time. There will be more stability with connection whilst playing the game online. Servers will have a major update for the FIFA 13 auction house and the Ultimate Team web app that loads of people use. Keep checking back to us for more updates on the glitches for the game.


8 thoughts on “Buy & Selling Players Career Mode Glitch Fix – FIFA 13

  1. My problem (on Xbox) is a crash when I’m going to buy a player created by FIFA ( whith no picture, randon name, etc) when negociation finished, the Xbox dies in the moment when fifa is processing the OK from the player.

    I have deleted legacy data from others versions of FIFA but still crashing …

    • @Stone same problem with me on PC. After negotiations with the team is over n when the player is due to say yes the game crashes. I updated the game with the recently released update but to no avail

  2. My problem is on xbox. whenever i try to buy or sell a player my entire xbox freezes. hopefully the patch comes out soon. im in my 3rd season and just started having this problem. i really dont want to restart my career. i also dont want to delete everything on fifa 12 because i purchased the euro 2012 game and dont want to lose it

  3. My problem is that when I try to sell or buy a player the whole game freezes, even when I start a new career mode, also EA sign me out every single game played and so I can’t play any online game (UT, pro clubs etc.), so basically, I can only play exhibition match or fail a career mode.

  4. I cannot buy fifa generated nor ‘normal’ player without my fifa13 crashing. Now have to make do without buying – so annoying esp when I was forced to sell 2 of my star player.

    FIFA13 on PC

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