New Patch Update For FIFA 13 Glitches

During the weekend commencing 3rd and 4th November 2012 the FIFA 13 game developers EA have released a major new update. The patch which has now eliminated the dreaded invisible ball has only been a big success for the PC versions of the game.

We told you last month that the best way to get rid of the missing ball in FIFA 13 was to change the ball type from default to any other ball in the selection menu. Most people who have not read our blog have been getting help from our official Twitter page instead.

The new Medal Of Honor game knocked FIFA 13 off of the top spot in the UK charts after 3 brilliant weeks for the football game. Many fans of the franchise have complained to EA via social networking websites about the problems that come with owning the FIFA 13 title.

People have said about the missing ball as one, but others have reported on losing their very own downloadable content that they have paid for with their hard earned cash. Players also going invisible on the pitch is another report that we keep on hearing about.

The game makers EA Sports have said on numerous occasions that they will fix these problems as quickly and effectively as possible. New patches released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have had some effect but not got rid of the issues completely.

The PC version of FIFA 13 has had all of it’s issues resolved thanks to the latest patch coming out over the weekend. With loads of gamers reporting no problems what so ever since the latest update had arrived. This update is to soon come to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in the coming days to sort them out.

The in game glitches will need to not only be sorted for this edition of the FIFA series, but also to upcoming later titles in the near future as well. If not, then many gamers will surely be boycotting any football games made by EA in the future.

Players having bad connectivity will be resolved by EA according to them via this new update. Make sure that if you own any of these consoles and the FIFA 13 game, that you get the update as soon as it is out. Stay up to date with us and we will let you know the second it is released right here on our blog.

FIFA 13 Patch

FIFA 13 New Patch Update


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