Invisible Ball Glitch Fix Update For FIFA 13

EA have now confirmed that a new update that is purely to eliminate the invisible ball glitch is now available. Gamers playing on the PC version of FIFA 13 have already had their update a few days ago. Reporting good feedback on the patch saying that the missing ball issue had indeed been resolved.

Now there was only the small matter of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game to be handed an update. As you will of noticed if you are a constant reader of our blog, we wrote an article the other day. In the post we said that there was to be an update for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions days later.

Now EA have officially released the patch needed to deal with the consistent problems that come with the glitches and missing ball on the pitch. Missing items are supposedly being resolved with the release of this update and all problems are to be dealt with, with this addition.

The famous BBC program (Watchdog) had gone into the matter at great length with a special insight into the problems that come with owning FIFA 13 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. They told consumers about the glitches that people had difficulty with in a twenty minute slot.

There should be far more stability within the usage of the FIFA 13 online community and the Ultimate Team and career modes.


2 thoughts on “Invisible Ball Glitch Fix Update For FIFA 13

  1. the invisible ball is back!…i’ve seen it(haha) twice in online seasons play..once in an embarrassing 0-6 halftime score causing me to abandon the match…the other a 2-1 loss…i messaged both opponents. the one i managed to score on seemed surprised and said he could see the ball, the other gave no reply which i translate as an admission of guilt! -_-

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