How To Activate Financial Takeover In FIFA 13

We have been getting a huge load of queries relating on how to activate the financial takeover on FIFA 13. Most of the forums on the Internet somehow do not have the answer to this question. Also we have done a few experimental searches on YouTube and also found nothing.

It is quite shocking that we have all the answers you would ever need to your FIFA 13 problems. It even puzzles us sometimes with the sheer fact that EA are not even all that useful as they use to be. With no further delay, here is exactly how to sort out the financial takeover in career mode.

First of all your first action will be to purchase it from the EA Sports football club which no doubt most of you will have done already. Once you have bought it, you will have to have a little patience and wait for the nearest transfer window to open. The summer transfer window or the January one it really doesn’t make any difference what so ever.

You will then be able to acquire your money when the transfer window is officially open. You must note though, that you will only be entitled to that kitty for just one single season. Upon the end of the season nearing, you will then get your standard amount.


8 thoughts on “How To Activate Financial Takeover In FIFA 13

  1. So I just finished my last match and leveled up to 13, bought the financial takeover but then my season ended. I’m assuming it was applied to my already finished season and now I’ve missed out on the chance to use it until I unlock the next one? Thanks Fifa.

  2. Purchased financial takeover on level 39 and started career bought players in january and hadnt played pre season yet but I switched of ps3 by mistake nw wen I go to load career takes me to 1 of january but ave no money and new players?

  3. I used the take over bid with York City got about £35million to spend I won the league Two title and the JPT and next season the board gave me £29million to spend with £160,000 for wages. Your money can go over to the next season.

  4. Hey i applied the takeover in july 2015 expecting to see the funds come in for the winter transfer period… But nothing at all! No takeover news or anything. When will this appear? Need to buy some players!! 🙂 thnx

  5. Hi i need help i my career is with Fleetwood town in my 3rd season i purchased financial takeover in (may) I’m now in late july and still nothing ??

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