FIFA 13 Set For Wii U Version

Gamers who have been waiting for the FIFA 13 version of the Wii u will not have that much longer to wait now. Given that there is not that much competition on that platform, it is expected to make a killing in sales with this version of the game.

FIFA 13 has already sold millions of copies of the game already on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the football game. Now EA plan to conquer the Wii edition as well. The Wii version will also come with built in HD to give the best possible detail to the game.

The biggest flaw though is that there will be a miss with the ultimate team not included in the final game. The UT is one of the biggest game modes that there is on a FIFA game.

The controls and actual gameplay is not any different to that of the Xbox and PS3 titles it has to be said. You can shoot with free kicks in a really cool first person mode which will be really awesome to try out. You can also take charge of your team while a real match is live and kicking.

The final version of FIFA 13 on the Wii u is out later of this month (November) in the United Kingdom.

Wii U FIFA 13

Wii U FIFA 13


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