EA Confirm Fix To FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

You may have noticed that the FIFA 13 game makers EA had disabled the game mode Ultimate Team this week. The result was angry gamers mad that they could not gain entry to arguably the best game mode that there is on the popular console game.

EA had said that they had to take the UT offline to fix certain issues that were disrupting the game and players alike. Gamers were reporting missing trading cards and the inability to add purchased cards to their own team.

The auction house was the biggest part of the game that was ultimately effected by this as that too had to go offline temporarily. Now though EA have confirmed on their official website and on their Twitter account that the fix to these problems have been implemented immediately.

So players can now resume gaming on FIFA 13 for the iPhone app, web app, and on all the major console systems with immediate effect. All that remains to be seen now is whether or not this is the end to recurring problems that the FIFA 13 ultimate team seems to be getting.


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