The One and Only Career Mode Glitch Fix For Freezing

We have offered over the  course of three months or so, no end of support on how to tackle these really annoying glitches on FIFA 13. We solved first before anyone how to fix the missing invisible ball by changing the default ball to any other. Now we are hearing that the patches do not work for the freeze/crashes in the career mode.

Well once and for all we are going to tell you exactly how to never have a crashed game ever again. All that we ask is that you share this post on your social accounts to spread the word and finally put an end to all this silly game crashing and freezing. So then players can enjoy the FIFA 13 career mode at long last.

Guaranteed Career Mode Without Freeze

So here are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that you never have the annoying crashes on your game again. The first thing to try which is the worst of all our advice, is see if the patch updates by EA make a difference.

We highly recommend that you don’t just put all your eggs in one basket and hope that EA fix these problems for you. They have been very inconsistent to answer customers feedback and questions on why the patches don’t work which is very unprofessional.

So with that the worst tip aside, the first real thing you could try is deleting all of your FIFA 12 data that you implemented into the new game. This for the majority of people has worked miracles and we have heard that there have been no more freezing problems from a high majority of people.

Most of these tips are going to be the ultimatum of deleting your saved games and starting all over again. Yes, this is not very convenient to say the least, but it’s something that has to be done. You won’t be able to carry on with your career mode anyway if it just keeps on freezing at the same date all the time so you might as well.

Another great tip is to not make more than 5 transfers in a single transfer window at any one time. You may think this is stupid, but believe us when we say that this is one major cause of the glitches that you are sustaining. By being reasonably quiet in the transfer windows, you will knock the chances of the game freezing by half instantly.

This is a fantastic tip for people to take with them on not only this game, but every FIFA game hereafter. Make sure that you keep a second saved game of a duplicate to the one you already have. Then with this backup, you can maybe try and resurrect your saved career mode that you lost.

A cause to the crashing which you may not know about is pressing the buttons on the menus far to quickly and fast. FIFA 13 has an engine in our opinion that cannot handle it plain and simple! The FIFA games really need to go onto a PlayStation 4 or new Xbox 360 fast.

By pressing or clicking the buttons at a reasonable rate, the game has a chance to think and load at it’s own usual pace. We also suggest that you do not have too many saved games other than your career mode if that’s what you enjoy the game for.

Make sure that you don’t have a virtual pro and all the other saved game modes on there as this can be a root cause to the freeze glitch as well. For the best results though, we suggest that you combine all of these tips into one to make sure without a doubt that you never have a glitch or game crash again.

Doing so will result in your career mode never freezing on you at a certain date ever. We ask again that you share this post to let all know about how to tackle these career mode glitches.

FIFA 13 Freeze

FIFA 13 Glitch Fix


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