This Weeks FIFA 13 News

Well yesterday saw the official release of the Wii U FIFA 13 game in Europe which is expected to do reasonably well in the sales. The smart features of this version is that it has HD in game graphics which is really good.

As we covered in a previous post, the ultimate team was offline for a short while as EA wanted to fix some of the recurring problems that the game mode sustained. Pretty quickly we saw that the ultimate team was then back online ready for gamers to start using again.

Whether or not the problems have been permanently sorted out for good, remains to be seen in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you up to date on any issues that have been reported by gamers and the comments box would be a great place to start posting your views or problems you have with the UT.

Also in the news this week, was the special bonus edition that comes with buying FIFA 13 brand new. This is obviously a good call by EA to make more sales and seems to be working wonders as well. When you purchase the game now, you will get packs and other added extras which we covered in an article this week.

On our Twitter account this week we want to give out a special mention to all of our followers who have been very loyal and have interacted with us on a daily basis. We love posting our content on Twitter and like to answer any query’s or questions you may have on the game so keep them coming in.

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One thought on “This Weeks FIFA 13 News

  1. Hi.ive had fifa 13 for ages paid £45.i dont go online much i love playing single player getting my pro to his best.just a few questions…
    1,,can u become captin of a team
    2,,why does it say im playing my first game for england when ive played loads through my career
    3,,Im a big fan of fifa ive not played nothing else as of football games but this feels as tho ive waisted my money.Is this going to be fixed for the xbox a update mabey? If.when.

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