How To Access Your FIFA 13 Online Pass

Many of our loyal readers have been asking us how access the FIFA 13 online pass. There have been countless faults over the past few months with messages saying that you are not permitted to register a online pass. So we are on hand to tell you exactly how to deal with this problem once and for all.

For the PS3 version of the game this is exactly what you will need to do in order to get full access. First you must exit game completely and then go to your PlayStation 3 store. Then you must click on the tab view downloads which can be accessed on your left hand side.

Next you must re download the online pass which can be found in your downloads area. This should sort out all issues that you may be occurring with the online pass. If the problems are persistent then you may have to do more and this is what you will have to do.

Make sure to completely delete the Game Utility Data that you have on your FIFA 13 game. To delete the corrupt files that are affecting your game you will need to do the following.

Simply press your PS button that is on your controller to then enter the PS3 Xross Media Bar. Then you select the appropriate game tab and the game data utility and then press not hold the X button.

Then you will have to delete all the corrupt game data from there and that is how you delete the game utility data. After you will need to restart the game again and try to get online access. You should then get a message saying that the code was unfortunately corrupt and that you need to re download another one.

Then you just have to re download another code and the game should be working just fine. This little trick has worked for PS3 users with no complaints so far and lets hope it stays that way.

To get access to your FIFA 13 online pass for Xbox Live you will need to follow these simple and quick steps. First you must visit the website and then sign in with your own unique gamertag and all the info that goes with it. Make sure that you have your password and correct email to hand before you sign in.

Visit your profile page which can be found by the gamertag which is right next to your own Avatar image at the top right of the page. Then finally you will need to redeem the code by clicking on it.

That is it for the Xbox and it is a lot easier than the PlayStation 3 that’s for sure. If you have any more persistent problems, then comment and we will get back to you to assist you with help.

FIFA 13 Online Pass

FIFA 13 Online Pass


4 thoughts on “How To Access Your FIFA 13 Online Pass

  1. I have just Purchased a promotional copy of fifa 13 via gumtree, It is still sealed in the plastic wrapper, will this come with the online code?

    Thank you

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