FIFA 13 Career Mode Club Job Offers Info

In the last couple of days we have received numerous requests to put up some vital information on the career mode club job offers. There are a lot of players out there that think they’re doing something wrong because they haven’t had any successful job applications accepted.

We’re here to put this right and let you in on how to land you’re dream job on Fifa 13 manager/career mode. If you are one of those gamers that have come across a board that have told you that you were unsuccessful in becoming their new coach, we have the answers in full.

Basically the way to receive job offers whilst in career mode is by winning loads of football matches. Selling a player and making a considerable profit from the sale is another great way. Being nominated and actually winning the manager of the month award also plays a major part in getting offers too.

Usually the best method is to win as many games as you possibly can, but being triumphant and being crowned league champions is the shortcut to getting noticed. If you deliver cups and league championships, then you will in turn enhance you’re managers credentials and reputation significantly.

You are set targets by you’re clubs board of directors when you either first take control of the football club, or at the start of the season. By delivering results and meeting those targets, you will do yourself a big favour in regards to making a name for yourself.

You have to look at it as real life when it comes to receiving job offers from third party clubs. If you’re record does not stand out and speak volumes, then why should they hire you as their new coach? It is very realistic and people can’t really complain, because if you’re good enough, then you deserve the job.

We hope this info has helped you guys to understand and answered all the questions that you may have had on the career mode job offers. Stay with us and check back now and again to get more great tips on the game.

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28 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Career Mode Club Job Offers Info

  1. No there is massive bug as far I feel. I am playing under World Class difficulty level. I took German 2nd division club 1860 Munich and won the 2nd division league title in the first season. Then I managed to stay at the 4th and 3rd places in the Bundesliga in the next couple of years. After 3 years, I made my team strong with young talent and won the Bundesliga title and Champions League in 4th, 5th and 6th season. That is for 3 consecutive seasons. I was the manager of the season each time. I won the domestic cup for the first time in the 6th season as well. I am the manager of the German team as well. I took Ireland to the WC final. Then I took Germany European finals as well. Now I am playing WC as the German coach end of the 6th season. I wanted to leave this club and go to any other club. Each time I apply for a club, they reject it which is ridiculous. I was rejected by Man City, Bayer Leverkusen, Shalke, Sevilla, Atlanta, Inter. Basically all these clubs are not all doing and I have achived so much as a manager. They just keep on rejecting my application which is clearly a stupic bug. This wasn’t the case in any of the previous Fifa versions. I do not get any offers at the end of the season as well. I just think they still consider 1860 Muchich as a low level team although they are the best team in my Manager career. As a result other clubs keep rejecting me. I do not get any 2nd division offers either so that I can at least leave I think. Now I am totally frustrated. I do not want to start a fresh career after 6 seasons. Is there any way I get rid of my team now? I can’t resign either. The board keeps me in the same team season after season without signing a contract.

  2. @Thilina.
    i feel your PAIN bro.
    i started with Villarreal, got promotion to la liga won la liga 3 times back to back.
    infact i did a treble back to back, and still got rejected every time i apply to coach somewhere else i get no offers and manage of the months years and bloody hell this ish is frustrating. i almost sold my fifa13 cuz of this. lol hope they fix it on fifa 14.

  3. What a load of crap. Career mode is supposed to allow you to build a career, changing clubs is part of the career fun but unfortunately thats almost impossible unless you get sacked. Instead you’l have international teams like Portugal, Holland, England or Italy offering jobs, (even though your a nobody) while being rejected by crappy clubs like Parma, Fiorentina. It’s ruined career manager mode bigtime.

  4. this info is not helpful!!! I started my career as a Villarreal manger and 7 seasons later, after winning absolutely everything, I have only recieved one job offer from arsenal in my second season. I have also won a few international trophies and still nothing. I have applied for a few teams under “browse jobs” and they all turn down my applications. its very disheartening and starting a new career is just too much.

  5. I Started with York City, got them promoted and won the JPT, moved to FC Twenty, won the double, the following season won the double and the champions league, in the first world cup I took new Zeeland to third place, was offered the Netherlands job and took it, in my forth season I am unbeaten with FC Twenty an applied for the Man Utd job and got rejected, what more can you do to prove your self?

  6. This is kind of random, I once started with nottingham forrest, and got 2 manager of the months trophys and was “called” for the manager job of Schalke 04, I accepted the job, then got my country Peru to the World Cup Finals ( a feat that hasnt happened in 24 years) 1 and a half seasons later I got sacked, and ended up with a job in Swansea, 2 years later I qualified to the champions cup, and won 2 FA CUPS and was again called for the MANUTD job, not applied but called, I rejected because I wanted to go to other place in Europe so I end up applying for Juventus, I’ve won everything with Juve.

    Now in a new game I started with AC MILAN, I ‘ve won everything (4 manager of the year, 3 Champions CUP 4 Scudettos, 3 season with only 2 losses) and I’m still getting rejections from big clubs, I simply dont get how you get the credentials you need. I end up in Marseille just out of boredom, and won the Ligue 1 and Euro League…..and still can’t get a Europe Giant job.

  7. I think the only way you get reputation is exceeding the expectations of the board, winning the league, when you’re expected to finish mid table or so. The problem is that you can’t exceed expectations when those expectations are the best you could ever achieve.

  8. I started with Southampton and half way through my 1st season I moved to liverpool now on my 4th season I’ve won the BPL the Europa league, champions league FA cup and the capital one cup and I still get rejected by the likes of Valencia, inter and spurs

    • Hi! That is very similsr to what Ive done. I started a career in England’s fourth division with Rotherham Utd… After 7 seasons I have won leagues, even 1 Barkleys Premier League… 2 FA Cups, 3 Capital One and 2 comunity shields… Also I have been in two Europa league Finals and one UEFA CL Semi final… For all that, I have been offered for the coach spot in New Castle, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U and Man C… Porto, Roma, Malaga, Sevilla, Atletico and many others…. But at this point I dont feel able to depart to another place … I cannot abbandon my hard worked players…

  9. Well the career mode has been good for me .

    I started at Northampton and won league 2 and the LDV trophy and got to the final of the league cup but lost.

    I started the second season with Northampton and started well 16 games in I then applied for the crystal palace job and was successful.

    When I took over crystal palace they were just above relegation zone and I got into the play-offs and won to get promotion to the premier league .

    I then got and offer for Northampton Ireland manager in the second season and accepted and I got the to second in the qualifiers beating Italy twice .

    My third season with crystal palace was mixed I didn’t start to well and struggled to win games at the start. But I kept at it and pulled off two giant killing beating Manchester United and Chelsea . I then after these games got an offer to join Liverpool which I accepted.

    During the rest of the season I joined Liverpool I won the fa cup and euro league and came close to winning the league. And qualifies for the champions league.

    Now I am in my 4th season with Liverpool and am top of the league and still in all the cups available to win.

    International stage I rejected a contract extension for Northampton Ireland and immediately got the offer to manage England which I accepted .

    So I’m my experience you can progress well and quickly but you have to make the move and apply WHEN YOUR FORM IS GOOD . Also keeping the transfer budget respectable is a good thing too.

  10. Fifa 13 is a amazing game I liked better than the other ones.
    Just let me know some tactics and ideas about the game.

  11. I started my career with real madrid and used to win many more matches and always stays at no 1 or 2 or 3 position.I have good young talented player in my team giving equal chances to all, buys players sell players, mostly wins all league matches but still I am not getting any offers from other clubs. I want to move now to some fresh clubs, its being frustrating me. The board keeps me everytime.

  12. This guide is a massive insult to all of our intelligence, if we hadn’t won trophies do you really think we’d be complaining about this issue?
    It seems that early on in the career you have a good chance of being accepted for jobs, yet when you turn your side into the dominant force in Europe you are unable to be accepted anywhere, its a definite glitch!

  13. My career mode has been good so far. I started out with Real Madrid, played their for 5 seasons, won the league 4 times, Champions League 3 times and Spanish cup 5 times. I then applied for a job at AC Milan, played their for 4 seasons and won the league twice with 2 champions league as well but won the cup 4 times then got a job for Man United played their for 3 seasons with back to back EPL title with a champions league and now coming back to coach Real Madrid again. In my opinion, i think the more games you win, the higher your chances are.

  14. if you give walk over at 4 matches the board will fire you haha, that is the only way i know of getting fired 😛

  15. I managed arsenal for 6 season winning every title possible every season I lost my first game in the 3rd season (1-0 man utd) left the club with a budget or £200mill went to Newcastle who were 20th with half the season remaining and won the title carling cup and fa cup that season my record qas
    P 50 w49 d1 L0. I’ve then spent last 3 seasons winning back to back. Man utd then say I can’t manage them or im not good enough for Lyon -.- I’ve never perceived an offer I wanna manage bayern but instead I get the French and Italian league and I don’t want to manage there -.-

  16. I was managing Swansea got Job offer from man u started fresh with chelsea under browse jobs they was an opening for barca got accepted

    My advice is keep your transfer buget around
    $100,000 and wage around $500 buy good players and win a lot works

  17. I need help, how do you become manager of the month… In 5 seasons I Won just 2, though I ha e won almost everything I could Winn. Someone told me to Winn every match there is in a month….. I did… Still no award…. I wonder if the happiness from your squad has to do anything with the award if you keep them all happy???? So again how do you become manager of the month..

    • Just show strength buy good players win all ur matches and prove nothing can stop u by winning by a lot of goals

  18. i started my carreer with RM and won almost 6 UCL trophies , 4 domestic cup , 5 super copa , and 5 leagues, now in 7th season . won the world cup with italy also . whenever i applied for a job it gets rejected , wat else i can do . jump from burj khalifa or wat . i am not able to change club . please help wat a carp EA is . everytime i request fund that also is rejected , u can ask 5000euro also it get rejected . please help how to switch club

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